The Homeopathic Terrain

Heavy Metals, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

This is Samantha & Mark Bailey, married, formerly conventional MDs who awakened to wholistic medicine in the 2000s and have been forced into early retirement because they don’t agree with New Zealand’s pharma-controlled politics.


I’m posting before I can add any comments to give you the idea that we’re dealing with poisonings, not diseases & to some extent we, and our doctors, are doing it to ourselves.

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The Rosenau Experiments 1918-1919

The experiments in viral contagion by Milton J Rosenau in 1918-1919 proved conclusively a hundred years ago that the theory of germs and the nightmare of viruses are a complete fabrication, as these fictional entities can not be transmitted through the air, fluids, clothing, surfaces, saliva, mucous, blood or any other means, to make other living beings – humans or animals – ill. Poisons, toxins, pollution, electromagnetic radiation and fear itself yes, of course: but not germs.


And yet here we are a hundred years later, buried in viral propaganda, nurses, doctors, drug companies and the  media more hyperbolic every day, spinning numbers, twisting facts, quoting statistics by experts paid to reinforce the global narrative. We’re terrified the virus will get us if we’re not wearing a mask, not keeping our distances, not obeying orders to lock ourselves down as we lose our businesses, health and integrity. We’re terrified of a stranger’s sneeze, a cough in the crowd, a ‘strain’ of the next fictitious viral entity alleged to be deviously plotting its attack, while in fact existing only in completely imaginary computer models.

There are no viruses, there is no contagion. The WHO-UN-EU-WEF-Gates and all of the people they’re buying off are about to swipe our children, lives and futures right out from under us. No politician in the world is stopping the WHO ‘treaty’, which has passed into law today, December 1, 2023 to take effect in May 2024, superseding all member countries’ constitutions including America’s. The Biden administration has already passed legislation saying they’re fully behind anything the WHO wants to do. That is treason: the WHO must be stopped.

Below are further resources copied from beneath the video above, documenting the non-existence of both viruses and contagion. I know it’s a lot but we’ve got to get this information out. Read. Wake. Speak. Stop this now or our children, our democracies and our own bodies will be stolen from us forever.

THE ROSENAU EXPERIMENT 1918 – 1919: The Infectious Myth Busted !

(e) worldordersreview [at] protonmail [dot] com

Have you looked into this study: The Rosenau Experiment, 1918-1919? A study done in Boston, where doctors tried all kinds of stuff to make people and animals sick but failed miserably.

The Infectious Myth Busted:
Part 1: The Rosenau Spanish Flu Experiments (1918)

Part 2: How are “Viruses” Transmitted? They don’t know !

Have you looked into John F Enders control for Measles (the same method used for all Virology since 1954, to this day)? His results indistinguishable from the Measles virus test, without adding any tissue from a sickly being. All of it brushed under the rug.

Guide to the John Franklin Enders Papers – Yale University
Enders, et al. (1957). Measles Virus
A Summary of Experiments Concerned with Isolation, Properties, and Behavior (PDF)

Have you looked into Dr Stefan Lanka’s recent control? He Sequenced 100% of the sarscov2 without adding any tissue from a sickly person.


Have you looked into Christine Massey’s requests of the CDC, for proof of ANY Virus directly Isolated from a person? PROOF of COVID ‘VIRUS’ ISOLATION=0; (FOI) FREEDOM of INFORMATION (Dr. Tom Cowan & Christine Massey)

Have you looked into Kary Mullis explaining why his PCR test is not a diagnostic test? PCR VIRUS-TEST ‘USE & INTERPRETATION FRAUD’ [EXPOSED] (THE KARY MULLIS COMPILATION)

Bunch of people got scurvy on a ship, they all thought Disease, someone ate a lime and presto, disease gone. Just cause you got sick, doesn’t mean you got a virus….

Questions posted by Linguistic Constructs/ with some research links by us to enable your further review, if you are new to the subject or to enable family or friends in their understanding…

Bechamp or Pasteur?: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology


[Stephan Lanka] “The Seven Rebuttals of Virology”
1. The fact of alignment
2. The fact of the lack of control experiments for alignment
3. Alignment is only done by means of mental constructs
4. Viruses have never been seen in a human/animal/plant or in liquids thereof
5. The composition of the structures that are claimed to be viruses, have never been biochemically characterized
6. Electron microscopic images, which are output as viruses, are known typical artifacts or cell specific structures
7. The animal experiments of the virologists refute the virus-existence assertions.

Alternative Etiologies, Other Vaccines, in Public Health Report, Vol. 125, No. 1, Jan/Feb 2010, Supplement 3: Science, Microbiology, and Vaccines in 1918, p.33.

“Some Interesting Though Unsuccessful Attempts to Transmit Influenza Experimentally,” in Public Health Reports, Vol. 34, No. 2, 10 January 1919, pp. 33-36.

“Diseases of the Respiratory System: Entry 1377. Experiments to Determine the Mode of Spread of Influenza. Milton J. Rosenau. J.,” in Abstracts of Bacteriology, Vol. III, Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins Company, 1919, p. 234.

Video above and resource links from here.

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The Steroid We Call D3

Dr Thomas Cowan shares some compelling research on ‘Vitamin D3’ (it’s a hormone), and the tests we take to check our levels. Apparently we’re testing the wrong metric, but that is less important than the fact that our notions of deficiency and suitable sources are longtime misperceptions. Tap full frame for scrub track.


I don’t know why but he neglects to mention organic fungi, lichen and mushrooms as natural D3 sources, along with the non-vegan foods he recommends (he’s a founding board member of the Weston A Price Foundation, so a big fan of animal fats), and the lightbox called a ‘Mars Lamp’ (links to that and a smaller (?) EliosLamp at his site..

For those interested in wading into the weeds a bit. I’ll quote some of the video text and follow it by known side effects of corticosteroids, which is what Prednisone is, which is what, according to Dr Tom Cowan, D3 is:

“This [molecular diagram] makes it perfectly clear that we’re not actually dealing with a vitamin, which used to be called a ‘vital’ substance that has an ‘amine’ in it which is a nitrogen ring. So, we’re not dealing with that, and then the newer definition of vitamin is something like a co-factor that’s something that we’re not able to produce on our own, that we have to get from our diets. 

“So there is no way that this [D molecule] fits that definition of a vitamin, in fact it is a steroid hormone; the hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, prednisone in particular, are called steroid hormones because they’re all breakdown products, or metabolites (is) a better word, of cholesterol. As is vitamin D. 

“So you start with cholesterol, you metabolize it into D3, which is a pre-hormone, in other words it is an inactive hormone, in other words it doesn’t do anything itself, it’s just an intermediate metabolite on the pathway to forming the active form. 

“But this is a steroid hormone: make no mistake about it. So if you are taking D3, you are taking a steroid hormone, and the best way to think of this is a weak version of Prednisone.  And i think this will explain everything about why you see people have a reduction in their symptoms of  detoxification, or inflammation, when you give people large doses of a steroid hormone. The same thing would happen if you gave them large doses of Prednisone, or in fact any dose of Prednisone. 

“The steroid hormones like D3 or Prednisone, which it’s a very close cousin of, work in an anti-inflammatory mechanism to reduce symptoms of detoxification while they make the overall situation worse. In other words you’re trying to get your splinter or the debris out of your lungs by using inflammatory or detoxification pathways, and the prednisone stops that: you think you’re temporarily better, which you are — or have less symptoms — but obviously the debris and the toxicity build up and you will pay for that in the long run.” – Dr Tom Cowan

“Common side effects of steroids like Prednisone: “Long-term use can lead to more serious sequels such as osteoporosis, aseptic joint necrosis, adrenal insufficiency, gastrointestinal, hepatic, and ophthalmologic effects, hyperlipidemia, growth suppression, and possible congenital malformations.” – PubMed

There’s a small-window scrub track at Bitchute.

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Spirulina is Neurotoxic

“Spirulina is a type of bacteria called cyanobacterium, which is often referred to as blue-green algae. While health claims for spirulina supplements include purported benefits to our blood pressure, cholesterol, and seasonal allergies, health concerns include potential risk of muscle breakdown, liver cancer, and liver toxicity. Indeed, 94 percent of samples were reported to be contaminated with hepatotoxic microcystin toxins, and a potent neurotoxin appears to have been found in spirulina supplements, as well.” – Dr Michael Greger


This is a repost from Michael Greger MD’s NutritionFacts.Org. At the bottom of that page are links to his videos on blue-green algaes and Spirulina research.

“The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) safety evaluation of spirulina, however, finds that “the available evidence does not indicate a serious risk to health or other public health concern when spirulina is properly identified, formulated, and used.” Yet therein lies the challenge: Spirulina is often grown and collected in open lakes, so we have no idea what other algae may crop up.

“Researchers have reported a range of adverse reactions of people taking spirulina products, ­­but they attribute these issues to non-spirulina algae toxin contaminants within spirulina supplements. So unless there is third-party testing of each batch, which no company could presumably afford to do, I encourage people to avoid spirulina products.

“The information on this page has been compiled from Dr. Greger’s research. Sources for each video listed can be found by going to the video’s page and clicking on the Sources Cited tab. References may also be found at the back of his books. Image Credit: Will Power / Flickr. This image has been modified”

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Check Your Labels: Ascorbic Acid is Not Vitamin-C

Believe me this information is as shocking and depressing to me as it may be to many of you, but most of the’vitamins’ we’ve been taking all our lives are just drugs.


Even the ‘whole-food-based’ vitamins by trusted organic manufacturers are selling us synthetic vitamin analogues (drugs), hiding behind the powdered whole foods they add for … cover? I assumed the vitamins listed on their labels were derived from the whole foods also listed on their labels, and I imagine that’s the point of their marketing … but that seems not to be the case.

I’m writing and calling companies to look into this, already AmenNutrition has not responded, so I’ll have to take that as a “No, our vitamin D3-K2-Zinc is not derived from foods”. Below is the contents of a twitter thread about how the Ascorbic Acid in our C supplements, gets there. For our purposes, whatever they are purported to be, ascorbic acid and its ascorbate derivatives are NOT vitamin C.

“How was vitamin C isolated? This might be a familiar story for some of you.

1. Take 400 cc of fresh lemon juice
2. Add lead carbonate to decitrate the juice
3. Add lead acetate to decitrate the juice
4. Precipitate with dilute ammonia
5. Undertake resolution with acetic acid
6. Repriciptate with ammonia
7. Remove lead with hydrochloric acid
8. Extract waxes with butyl alcohol
9. Add in ethyl alcohol
10. Evaporate remaining moisture
11. Add in pure acetone
12. Evaporate to remove acetone
13. Remove the active ingredient with acetone
14. Evaporate the acetone solution again
15. Add in petroleum ether
16. Give the substance to animals
17. The substance either prevented or reversed scurvy in animals
18. Analyse the substance
19. Conclude that this isolated compound (ascorbic acid) is the same thing found in food: Voila! Vitamin C!”

The process quoted above comes from a twitter account post here.

A whole-food source of (real) Vitamin C is much easier to find, just search for ‘organic vitamin c’ and you’ll find a few appropriate supplements of just Acerola, Amla or Camu Camu. Read the labels carefully though, for fillers, additives and the words ‘ascorbic’, ‘ascorbate’, or similar derivatives. All you want is organic berries, nothing else; like this.

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CDC Can’t Find Any Studies Demonstrating Contagion of Colds, the Flu, ‘Covid’ or Any Other Respiratory Disease

Latest in a long string of CDC ‘germ’ FOIA failures. CHRISTINE MASSEY FOIS Greetings and Best Wishes,

April 10, 2023: A FOIA request was sent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry for all studies/reports scientifically demonstrating contagion of any respiratory disease.


[My note: This is a copy of a substack article chronicling Christine Massey’s FOIA requests for documented proof of cold or flu-related contagion FROM ANY SOURCE SINCE 1900 from the CDC. No response after 7.5 months.

Colds are not contagious, the flu is not contagious, chicken pox, polio, rabies, herpes, ‘aids’ (made-up disease), malaria, ebola, the black plague and the white plague (tuberculosis) are not contagious. Measles has been declared non-existent by the Supreme Court of Germany.

These are common and often shared but non-transmissible physiological detox events caused by bad diets, bad habits, bad sanitation, allergies and poisonings like bee stings or snake bites, and man-made and environmental toxins like pharmaceuticals in our animals, ground water and medical protocols, fluoride in our public and household waters, lead, aluminum and pesticides in our foods, cleaning and personal care products, heavy metals in the air we breathe (vehicle exhaust, industry effluents, chemtrails) and ‘Invisible Rainbow‘ EMFs everywhere. We are very very good at polluting our world.

There is no such thing as ‘covid’: ‘viral strains’ are computer simulations, and you can’t ‘gain of function’ something that doesn’t exist to begin with, though you can develop and disperse lethal and semi-lethal poisons. We are being lied to and manipulated by oligarchs, governments, institutions, and the media, tech and medical establishments for profit and control of our bodies, our families, and our finances, and an Ai-surveilled digital ID system connected to our medical records and bank accounts will make the global authoritarianism we’ve seen since 2020, and much worse, permanent for the remainder of the time humanity is a species.

There is no backwards from blockchain: the only way this ends well is if we collectively wake up and demand an end to this global nightmare. Don’t be outraged by those of us questioning the narrative, we were as indoctrinated as you until we watched a video in our social feeds or read an article like this one. That’s why we post. Follow the resource links in these and other people’s articles and come to your own conclusions].

Back to Christine’s substack. I’m posting her whole email but truncating the PDFs to links because it gets tedious to watch the CDC squirm. The important links are at the bottom where you can see source materials showing clearly why so many of us now understand there are no such things as ‘germs’, ‘viruses’ or ‘contagion’:

Greetings Roger, I require access to general records, as per the Freedom of Information Act.Description of Requested Records: All studies/reports in the possession, custody or control of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and/or the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) that scientifically demonstrate contagion of any respiratory disease.

Note – Scientific evidence is not:

  • Opinions
  • Speculation
  • Review papers
  • Descriptive papers

General Note: Please also note that my request is not limited to records that were authored by the CDC or ATSDR or that pertain to work done at/by the CDC or ATSDR. Rather, my request includes any record matching the above description authored by anyone, anywhere, ever.

Publicly Available Records: If any records match the above description of requested records and are currently available to the public elsewhere, please assist me by providing enough information about each record so that I may identify and access each one with certainty (i.e. title, author(s), date, journal, where the public may access it). Please provide URLs where possible.

Format: Pdf documents sent to me via email; please don’t ship anything to me;

April 13, 2023: CDC acknowledged the request and placed it in their “complex processing queue”

April 18, 2023: CDC put the request on hold pending my provision of further details; details were affirmed that same day

I already identified the records (not data) that I seek:All studies/reports in the possession, custody or control of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and/or the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) that scientifically demonstrate contagion of any respiratory disease.

the specific contagion: contagion of any respiratory disease, as already stated.

type of study/report: scientific and demonstrating contagion of a respiratory disease, as stated. written by anyone, anywhere, ever.

the date range: any time until present.

April 20, 2023: CDC asked for the search to be narrowed; the search was narrowed to respiratory illnesses said to be caused by “coronaviruses” or “influenza viruses” with the timeframe beginning in 1900. Clarification

July 14, 2023: Follow up to CDC asking how the search is going; No response. FOIA to CDC

July 19, 2023: Follow up to CDC asking how the search is going; No response. FOIA to CDC

July 27, 2023: Follow up to CDC asking how the search is going; No response. FOIA to CDC

August 15, 2023: Follow up to CDC asking how the search is going.

August 16, 2023: CDC’s “Government Information Specialist” says “we’re working on it(paraphrased)

October 14, 2023: (6 months after filing the request):
Follow up to CDC asking them to send whatever has been located thus far; I told them that if I don’t receive records by 5pm, Oct. 17, I’ll be publishing an article about their delayed response. FOIA to CDC

November 25, 2023: 7.5 months since the request was filed.
Crickets. No update, no records, no evidence of contagion. Pdf:

Related: End of Germ Theory is a comprehensive documentary by Steve Falconer of Spacebusters and covers (at the beginning of the film) important but failed attempts to demonstrate contagion (i.e. Rosenau, 1918):

The Infectious Myth Busted Part 1: The Rosenau Spanish Flu Experiments (1918)by Mike Stone, ViroLIEgy

At the link below you’ll find a long list of failed attempts at transmitting allegedly contagious diseases:

dpl’s Newsletter
Virology – The Damning Evidence
Introduction One never realize how big the task of writing on a subject is until you start. One thing you can be assured of is how much you learn by writing about your findings or thoughts. My stance on virology has been clarified in two previous posts as follows…
Read more – 9 months ago · 97 likes · 98 comments · dpl

September 6, 2011 (before Jon realized that “viruses” have never even been shown to exist)
Contagion, The Movie: An authoritative review — by Jon Rappoport

On Sept. 9, the bio-disaster film, Contagion, opens worldwide. With a budget of $60 million, director Steve Soderbergh, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet will try to convince audiences that a virus can kill off half the world in six days. Or something.

The tag line on the movie poster is: Nothing Spreads Like Fear. Or as I prefer, Nothing Spreads Like Bullshit.

The script received assistance from the CDC and “a team of scientific experts,” and was partially based on research into the global SARS epidemic. Would that be the epidemic that spawned 8,422 confirmed cases and killed 916 people? (See Katherine Harmon’s report in Scientific American on the scientists consulted and the science used during the making of the film).

The CDC will love this film, because, God knows, they need all the ammo they can get to justify their bloated budget, as they continue to do nothing about disease except falsify reports on it.

For one reference, go to and type in “Peter Doshi, BMJ, CDC flu death statistics,” and you’ll get an eyeful. Anyway, I’m sure Contagion will make back its expenses, even if the CDC has to buy ten million tickets.

FOIs Summary: Freedom of Information Responses reveal that health/science institutions around the world (218 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 (the alleged convid virus) isolation/purification, anywhere, ever:

Excel file listing 218 institutions:

FOI responses re: other imaginary viruses (HIV, avian influenza, HPV, Influenza, Measles, etc, etc, etc.):

FOIs re: secretive and unscientifically “mock infected” cells (aka invalid controls) and fabricated “genomes”:

3000 pages of “virus” FOIs (updated as of December 31, 2022) in 8 compilation PDFs, and my notarized declaration re: the anti-scientific nature of virology:

Do health and science institutions have studies proving that bacteria CAUSE disease?

They don’t have those studies, because “they” (HIV, influenza virus, HPV, measles virus, etc, etc, etc.) do not exist and virology is not a science.

For truth, freedom and sanity,

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What Do They Know?

It’s almost as if they know something we don’t.

Our Vitamins ??? Are Synthetic

Apparently synthetic vitamins and industrial waste were added to our foods and water before they were stuffed in our toothpaste and bottled for sale as supplements, and pharmaceutical companies are acquiring more and more supplement manufacturers every day, so the difference between drugs and vitamins narrows considerably, sometimes to nothing.


I’ve taken supplements for decades in some form or another, convinced I was helping to balance my dietary needs. Only in the past 10 years have I moved to organic whole-food based supplements but even that isn’t good enough for these folks, who have correctly, I’m sad to say, pointed out that even vitamin D3 cultured from yeast is still just synthetic cholecalciferol dropped onto yeast !!!!!

I did not know that  : (   although I’m glad to know it now and you are too. So the only vegan food sources of vitamin D3 are certain fungi: “… such as reindeer lichen and mushrooms, absorb vitamin D through exposure to UV radiation during growth. Raw shiitake, chanterelle, and oyster mushrooms are particularly rich sources of vitamin D” — also (one little ray of sunshine): dark chocolate.

As far as replacing our daily vitamins, I’m moving to organic whole fruit & vegetable powders or capsules, I have not yet found a suitable source because many are not organic and many contain fillers, synthetic vitamins, or Spirulina: a neurotoxin.

I’m still pondering the implications of this video because while I myself will move exclusively to raw, organic foods for my vitamins & minerals, knowing doctors like Samantha and Mark Bailey don’t take any, there is still a fair amount of evidence for the benefits of even the synthetic forms, and Linus Pauling wasn’t the only researcher to discover the usefulness of C:

Dr. Paul Marik’s Sepsis Protocol from Eastern Virginia Medical School on Vimeo.

Although my Terrain community friends may howl at me for posting this, there does seem to be something helpful about even some of the synthetic vitamins, though I wound not personally use them on a regular basis anymore. I have not figured it all out, I’m just passing along what I find from sometimes quite disparate sources. The link to the vitamin video comes from this more comprehensive page.

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Dissolving Illusions

Dr Samantha Bailey interviews Roman Bystrianyk on the 10-year publishing anniversary of his groundbreaking book ‘Dissolving Illusions’, co-authored with Dr Suzanne Humphries. The new edition will be revised with even more information.

There is no contagion, there is no transmission: there are no viruses.

Markus Rothkranz at 60

I’ll have what he’s having.


Lucky to have married a professional chef (not exactly married).


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Does Contagion Exist?

The entire global hoax that was ‘Covid’ and is quickly becoming the dissolution of worldwide democracies and civil rights by the WHO-UN-WEF-Gates and others, collapses with the end of germ theory. Viruses do not exist, Pasteur lied, and there is no such thing as contagion. End the transmission myth and the globalists’ totalitarian coup dissolves.


There are links to more information at the bottom of this post. Look into the matter and decide for yourself, there is enough evidence for what I say that you should at least be curious.

Much is going on to which most of us are oblivious. International lawyers are being arrested for discovering facts (Reiner Fuellmich), wholistic health practitioners are being de-licensed and de-banked for their political views (Joseph Mercola). Gates is poisoning our food supply with pesticides, GMOs, laboratory pseudo foods and ‘vaccines’ (against the Nuremberg code), governments are seeding the skies with heavy metals, taking away parental rights and pushing farmers off their lands.

The EU is passing legislation forcing everyone onto digital IDs, to be followed by forced CBDCs, central bank digital currencies, bringing an end to cash and checks, an end to privacy, an end to bodily autonomy and control of our own families.

All they need to accomplish this is the ability to instill panic, fear and compliance in global populations. They do this through wars, economic instability, controlling the media, controlling the internet (the United States has just passed legislation claiming power over the internet), and through the lie of contagion. For a short while longer we still have the ability to see through and stop some of these attacks.

If we don’t stop this now, no one will ever know freedom, health, or privacy again.


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Healthy Nuts

The Global Burden of Disease Study, the most comprehensive and systematic analysis of the causes of death ever undertaken, involved nearly 500 researchers from more than 300 institutions in 50 countries and examined nearly 100,000 data sources. The study noted which foods, if added to the diet, might save lives. Eating more vegetables could potentially save 1.8 million lives. How about more nuts and seeds? 2.5 million lives.


The study calculated that not eating enough nuts and seeds was the third-leading dietary risk factor for death and disability in the world, killing more people than processed meat consumption, and potentially leading to the deaths of 15 times more people than all those who die from overdoses of heroin, crack cocaine, and all other illicit drugs combined.

PREDIMED, one of the largest interventional dietary trials, randomized more than 7,000 men and women at high cardiovascular risk into different diet groups and followed them for years. One group received a free half-pound of nuts every week—the equivalent of eating about an extra half-ounce of nuts daily compared to what they had been consuming before the study even started.

Without making major shifts in their diet, just the minor tweak of adding nuts appeared to cut stroke risk in half. Additionally, regardless of which group subjects had been assigned, those eating more nuts each day had a significantly lower risk of dying prematurely overall.

Which nut is healthiest? Normally, my answer is whichever you’ll eat regularly, but walnuts really do seem to take the lead. They have among the highest antioxidant and omega-3 levels, and beat out other nuts in vitro in terms of suppressing cancer cell growth.

One study found that a single serving of Brazil nuts has been shown to lower your cholesterol levels faster than statin drugs and keep them down even a month after that single meal, and by eating three to four handfuls of pistachios a day for three weeks, men in one study reported significant improvement in blood flow through the penis, accompanied by significantly firmer erections.

Nuts are high in calories, but they can be a lifeline without expanding your waistline, as nut consumption has not been found to lead to the expected weight gain. They may also extend your lifeline: Your life span may be increased by two years by eating nuts regularly—one handful (or about a quarter of a cup) five or more days a week. Just that one simple and delicious act alone may extend your life. View Dr Joel Fuhrmann’s April 2019 response to nut-disparaging videos here.

This Dr Michael Greger article and more fascinating nutritional facts from NutritionFacts.Org

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Natural Products Dissolve the Spike

“Nattokinase does dissolve the spike protein, in multiple pre-clinical studies. (… ) I’ve tried every prescription drug, believe me, it’s what I do for a living, but it’s the natural products that seem to be working.” — Dr Peter McCullough:


No pharmaceuticals dissolve fibrinolytic masses (clots, cysts & tumors) in our bodies. They just artificially thin the blood so ‘we’ (IF we do) can dissolve these masses. Nattokinase, Seripeptase, Lumbrokinase and Urokinase (drinking your own urine; I know, sounds repulsive) and a number of other natural supplements like Turmeric, Ginger, & Cayenne DO DISSOLVE CLOTS, and substances like Nicotine, NAC, Glutathione and EDTA help detox vaccination poisoning.

[Note from a few days in the future: I’ve just seen the Vitamins video and do agree that synthetic supplements are not good. Natto is a soy derivative so only buy organic (well, anything), but I don’t yet know if there are whole-food sources for Glutathione or an EDTA equivalent. Seek these out.]

Allopathy is a business model, not a health care system. Pharmaceuticals are synthetic toxins developed to earn profits for their patent owners and shareholders and all have multiple side effects, some quite serious, often including death. None were developed to heal us and very few, when any at all (anesthetics are useful despite their toxicity), convey healing; we heal despite their presence in our bodies, not because of it.

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What Fascism Feels Like

This is Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Mike Adams, and Zach Voorhees, a Google whistle-blower, in a clip from The Truth About Cancer’s: PROPAGANDA EXPOSED series. It will air only a few more days for free, then can be purchased here.


The Rockefeller Legacy

The man who killed natural medicine and kicked homeopathy out of medical schools had a homeopathic primary care physician until the day he died.


Urotherapy’s Healing Powers

Urine therapy boasts many impressive benefits including restoring your native DNA and increasing your body’s own stem cells. If your life is in danger or your quality of life has been degraded by these shots (or anything), you may want to start with some urine in fruit juice, increasing daily, and then simply never give up.


​Here are some historical references from Dr Ed Group:

These clips are from Jonathan Otto’s vax-detox docuseries at HealingSeries.Com.

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Dissolving the Spike

Dr Bryan Ardis: “100% of all long-hauler ‘Covid’, symptoms, 21 of them in total, were completely eradicated with one treatment, and this was for people who were suffering with their symptoms for over a year and a half. ( … ) What did the scientists ask them to do? One simple treatment.”

The research participants wore a 7mg Nicotine patch for each of 6 days, and then stopped. “After 21 days, zero symptoms remained for any of the people suffering for a year and a half with their symptoms, [… and] zero symptoms returned for any of the participants after 6 months.


After initial symptoms recede, Ardis recommends cutting 14mg nicotine patches into sixths; you only need a 2mg patch per day protection; he places one under his right rib one day and under his left rib the next. No more than 7mgs for treatment of symptoms, apparently 6 days will suffice, and use the patches, the gum has too much junk in it.

Dr Peter McCullough: “Nattokinase does dissolve the spike protein, in multiple pre-clinical studies. ( … ) I’ve tried every prescription drug, believe me, it’s what I do for a living, but it’s the natural products that seem to be working.”

All conventionally-grown corn, soy, wheat and oats are GMO (sadly, even organic wheat is GMO!) so only buy organic Nattokinase, otherwise you’re putting GMOs into your body and you don’t need that kind of trouble), To this he suggests adding Bromelain, Turmeric, NAC, and Quercetin.

No supplemental regimen is complete without C, D3-K2, Magnesium, a food-based organic Multi and if you’re battling a cold or flu (there are no viruses or variants, so don’t be afraid of those) Cayenne, Vitamin A and Zinc naturally fight infection-like symptoms.

You don’t need supplemental Calcium (Osteoporosis is a C deficiency, not a Calcium deficiency), but if you do supplement use an algae-based form, not a citrate or a carbonate, those are both made out of rocks and they build up in your blood vessels.

Both of these clips are from Healing Genesis Episode-1, a 12-part docuseries airing through the end of October 2023.

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Robert Snow’s Artist Life

Robert Snow was an Indianapolis police captain when a colleague challenged him to try a past life regression. He resisted but eventually acquiesced, and had some experiences clearer than his waking consciousness that led him to believe he may have lived many previous lives, one in particular as a 19th century artist named James Carroll Beckwith.


He began investigating what evidence he had and came up with nothing after a year, until he and his wife walked into a gallery on vacation and found a painting on display that he recognized.

It turns out the painter whose thoughts and feelings Robert had perceived as if his own, had been a significant enough artist in the 19th century to have an impressive Wikipedia page today, which begins: James Carroll Beckwith (September 23, 1852 – October 24, 1917) was an American landscape, portrait and genre painter whose Naturalist style led to his recognition in the late nineteenth and very early twentieth century as a respected figure in American art.

Snow details this story and other experiences in his book:

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Vax Detox Protocols

Dr Bryan Ardis does not distinguish here between iodized table salt, an adulterated product, and natural sea and mountain salts, which still contain all their nutrients. Although chemtrailing does litter our global breathing space with heavy metals and other pollutants, I think avoiding ocean microplastics is also a concern. Read more about the benefits of real salt in Dr David Brownstein’s ‘Salt Your Way To Health’.


Dr Ardis: “So yes, please try to stay within the ranges we give you follow recommendations on doses of bottles, unless I tell you otherwise. And I will tell you we will stay safe based on FDA’s recommendations, but I will say it here, the FDA’s recommendations for nutrients, minerals, vitamins, you name it, are all inadequate. And there’s a reason why they’re all inadequate. They do recommend daily allowances or amounts. Those amounts ensure you will be sick. Why? They make the most money off of drugs.

I still find it amazing that the Food and Drug Administration are the same organization. Don’t you think we should have a food organization and a drug separate, you know, company? I agree. So, but anyway, I find that very problematic. So for example, when they say people at the FDA, they say you should only consume 2000 milligrams of salt a day? The American Heart Association says that’s a bad recommendation. It should be half of that.

Well, the truth is many, many research studies have been published in the last five years that actually confirm if people consume 6,000 milligrams of salt every day, at a minimum they have better high blood pressure readings, and less risk of strokes and heart attacks. From 6,000 milligrams to 9,000 milligrams is the threshold. But that’s not what the F D A tells you.

And the reason for that is, unfortunately, if they restrict the amount of salt we consume as a society based on their recommendations, they will, the majority of those people following the low salt intake recommendations, will develop high blood pressure and then they’re gonna sell you a drug that’s based on salt.

For example, Lasix and diuretics, which are water pills for lowering blood pressure, those are salt based drugs.  So at the same time, they’re telling you to reduce your salt. They’re gonna sell you a really expensive salt, or a formulation that behaves like salt. So your kidneys need salt and potassium to excrete urine.

The moment you deplete the body of salt, you start retaining water and guess what happens? Your blood pressure goes up. So this is a just a big racket by the medical profession. So there are certain recommendations I will make, they will be specific. And it’s because of the research we’ve done outside of these parameters. The FDA is set up and unfortunately they’re compromised by their big pharma donations and lobbying.”

Full vaccine detox & shedding video here.

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18 of 19 Studies Find Fluoride Lowers IQ

I could make these posts shorter by only quoting the most important paragraph or two, but i think what’s being said is important enough to be read or heard in the context of its wider discussion. This is a clip from The Highwire’s interview with lawyer Michael Connett, lead attorney on behalf of MomsAgainstFluoridation.Org and Fluoride Action Network to remove fluoride from our drinks, foods and household waters.


Del Bigtree for TheHighwire.Com: “Now, you’ve got a copy of what they’re saying is not ready to release. This is something you’ve got, you’re gonna share a couple of quotes from this piece. Let’s take a look at what we are now showing you folks. You’re seeing here on the Highwire NTP Board of Scientific Council working group report on the draft state of the science monograph and the draft meta-analysis manuscript on fluoride. Here’s a few of the quotes reported. Associations between higher fluoride exposure and lower children’s IQ are consistent in the vast majority of studies of both low and high quality.

Doesn’t matter how good the study is, they’re all coming to the same conclusion. Several of the highest quality studies showing lower IQs in children were done in optimally FLUORIDATED 0.7. What is that? Milligrams per liter or Ppm. Okay, so basically even when it’s the right dose, similar to what we’re giving in drinking water, I’m assuming they’re saying that’s the exact level of fluoride that we add to drinking water in the United States.

So even at that dose, we’re seeing problems. Okay. It goes on to say it’s always easy to call for more research. And we agree that targeted research can certainly add clarity to the existing data, particularly at lower exposure levels. However, hundreds of human and animal studies have been published on this topic. Basically, we are telling you we are not left wanting, we are telling you this stuff is toxic. The levels it’s being given to American citizens.

Yeah. And the NTP identified 72 human studies on fluoride and IQ: 72. Wow. And of those, they found that 19 of them were high quality studies. And of those 19 high quality studies, 18 found in association between elevated fluoride exposure and reduced iq. So 18 out of 19 high quality studies showing a similar effect, namely fluoride reducing IQ in children. So in the NTPs own words, as you saw there, the vast majority of studies that have looked at fluoride exposures in human populations have found associations with reduced IQ.

Unbelievable. And it’s really shocking. We’ve, we’ve, you know, shown this, again, this is in the top 10 greatest achievements by our regulatory agencies. The government, the United States is putting this stuff in your water. And now one of the top, actually the top toxicology group in our federal government just said, it’s toxic. The levels we’re giving this, this is a problem. And now that’s being held up. You’re going into court. So what are you hoping is gonna happen in this case in January?

And, and let me just, if I could just one clarifying point. Sure. For the NTP, I mean, the NTP is cautious in a lot of their language. Yeah. I don’t think the NTP would, like, they’re not saying water fluoridation is harmful or water. We, we know that water fluoridation is causing IQ loss. They’re more cautious. But what they do say is they have resisted the repeated requests by the CDC and the fluoridation proponents at the federal level to add language that says, “don’t worry about this. If you’re drinking fluoridated water, there’s nothing to be worried about at 0.7 ppm.” Right.

The NTP has said no, we’re not gonna add that language because it’s not justified. Because there is a basis for concern At those levels. Right. And that’s where the NTP is coming from.
They’re not saying, we know, I gotcha. It’s causing IQ loss at, at the optimal level. But they are saying, certainly with the data we have, there’s a real reason for concern. And that’s what the CDC and the NIDCR cannot accept, ’cause they really, they insist, they insist that the NTP ad language that tells the public, don’t worry. If you’re in a living in a fluoridated area, there’s nothing to worry about.

Yeah. And the NTP has resisted that. And I think that’s to their credit. Because as scientists, they say you can’t say that with the data that we now have. You have to read the, obviously when we read these things, they’re nice to each other, they play nice between different departments. But this department is saying, look, we are not gonna tell people this is safe. Right.

What you’re not getting here is a stamp of approval from us. Absolutely. Now, you read what we’re showing you, hundreds of studies, animal studies, almost on every level, every time it’s done. Bad quality, good quality, high levels, low levels, same levels we’re getting in our drinking water, they’re having a similar result. There is, you know, a toxic effect. There’s an IQ drop.
This is something that it certainly does not warrant being called safe.

Yeah, and I think it really raises the question, should we continue adding a neurotoxicant to the water of over 200 million people in this country? And that fluoride that you add to water doesn’t just go into the water. It goes into all the processed foods and processed beverages made with that water like your sodas or your beers or, or whatnot. So people who,
And you were saying baby formula, the, one of the biggest one, you’re using baby formula getting much higher levels than even a breastfeeding mother that’s diluting the levels that are coming through her body. Those are directly going in.

When we look at this right now where we’re at, what are you hoping? In January we have a case, this judge is gonna look at whether or not they’ve released or not. It’s my understanding. They’re gonna look at what you and I are holding, whether they said we’ve signed off it or not, this is gonna appear in a court.

The judge is gonna have that NTP report from last year. He’s gonna have the NTPs responses to all the agency criticisms. And he’s also going to have all of the studies that have been published since the trial. And so the judge is gonna be able to consider this more recent evidence, including the NTPs assessment, and make a judgment about whether fluoridation chemicals added to water pose an unreasonable risk to human health.

And that’s your question. That’s the question. We want the judge to determine whether or not this is an unreasonable risk to public health. Yes. And if the judge rules that there is a risk, then the statute requires the EPA to take steps to eliminate that risk. So the EPA will be bound by law to eliminate the risk posed to the brain by fluoridation.

Incredible work, really, Michael. So what is the call to action? We have a great audience that actually get involved, do something. What can they do right now to help this move along? Well, certainly if anyone out there wants to support the lawsuit, then if anyone wants to donate, you can do so by going to MomsAgainstFluoridation.Org. And I also highly recommend that people tune into the trial because the trial will be by Zoom. So it starts on January 29th, 2024.

And if you go to Moms Against Fluoridation or FluorideActionNetwork’s website, you’ll find all the information as to how you can go access the Zoom trial. But I really think this is an incredible educational opportunity for people to hear what the scientists at this highest level are seeing about this issue of fluoride in the brain. They’re gonna hear from the best experts on the independent scientists who are raising concerns.

And they’re gonna hear from the government’s people. So they’re gonna hear the, the back and forth. And I think it will be a great educational process. Thank you for making that all happen, Michael. And thank you for taking the time to come out here to Texas. Bring us the whole scoop. Really honored to meet you. Thank you for your work. It’s people like you that give me hope that we still have a chance here in the level of corruption we see in regulatory agencies.

Why our agencies are not rushing forward to protect us and saying, we need to get on studies, we need to figure out what to do here. Whether it’s reduce it or take it all the way outta the water system, when we see them just protecting their own butts, protecting bad mistakes they’ve made, that’s a problem.
People like you to make a difference. So, thank you. Thank you for joining us. Thank you, Del, it’s great to be here.

All right, I have a great show coming up. So we wanna talk about environmental toxins and things that affect our health. We’re gonna be talking to a medical practitioner, Barry Smeltzer, who’s done a lot of work in this space. But before we get there, it’s time for the Jaxen Report.”

I think reverse osmosis removes fluoride, though it also removes minerals so you have to remineralize reversed water. Clearly Filtered countertop and under sink filters are the only fluoride-filtering pitchers of which I’m aware; common retail pitchers like Brita, Zero Water and Our do not remove fluoride. Search online for fluoride-filtering shower heads, though they still leave bath water a problem.

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Vax Injury Antidote

Italian researchers have found 36 separate snake and snail venoms in the urine, blood and feces of all those injured by the shots or afflicted with long-lasting symptoms of ‘Covid’. Those who antidote these venoms experience swift and miraculous recoveries.


Below are some of the most effective antidotes, including Nicotine, available in patches, gums (the gums are full of junk, use the patches; Dr Ardis wears a 2mg patch daily for prevention of ingested venoms), and nightshade veggies like eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes & cauliflower (green tomatoes have 10x the nicotine as red). Full interview at the link below this transcript.

Dr Ardis: “… (the bottle of venom) says: Derived from rattlesnake venom, and it’s only for research purposes (but they’re injecting it inside of all you); and it says researchers, you cannot mix snake venom phosphodiesterase with any of these four substances because it destroys the snake venom phosphotase from being able to do its toxic payload stuff. So these four things are basically antidotes.

These are the antidotes: and it says you can’t mix it with glutathione, which your liver makes. You can’t mix it with any N-Acetyl Cysteine. You can’t mix it with Vitamin C, and it’s completely destroyed by something called EDTA.

So they tell you the antidotes and then they did something really awful actually. They actually disclosed the very last statement in there is snake venum phosphotase has an absolute requirement for magnesium to be activated. What does that mean? That means the venom can’t do its damage without magnesium being bound to it.

And what are you implying here? That if you’ve had these shots and you have any symptoms of injury and they’re prolonging, you need to stop supplementing magnesium for three months. And I mean all magnesium.

And we are seeing miraculous results in people who are struggling with cardiac issues from myocarditis, tachycardia, arrhythmias, that if they’re on magnesium, if you just simply take ’em off of it, all the symptoms go away — along with (taking) their nicotine. And along with the EDTA, these vitamin C recommendations or N-Acetyl Cysteine, this is important.

In the shots, they state that they use snake venom phosphodiesterase, but the people who manufacture that and sell it to the researchers say you can’t mix it with N-Acetyl Cysteine. It’ll destroy the venom’s toxicity.

Do you know that in May of 2020, the FDA put out a statement that they were going to make it illegal for supplement companies to sell N-Acetyl Cysteine that has been sold by supplement companies for over 75 years? Here in America, This is May of 2020. The shots didn’t come out until December of 2020, but like five, six months before, the FDA’s coming out saying supplement companies: you can’t sell it anymore.

And all these supplement companies around America had a hissy fit and (they) all filed papers against the FDA to get them to stand down. And they did, but it made us all wonder why would they actually go after N-Acetyl Cysteine? Do you know that N-Acetyl Cysteine is a published natural substance that breaks down and blocks the blood clotting effects of all snake venoms? Wow.

And what did we see with Covid blood clotting? What’d you see with long haul or covid blood clotting? What’d you see after the vaccines? Blood clotting. This is just how nefarious it all went. Right? In May of 2020, the FDA says nobody can sell N-Acetyl Cysteine, it’s now by prescription only. Still hasn’t happened, but that was the threat.

Same month they come out and lie to you saying smokers are the most affected by by covid and end up hospitalized and dying, so everybody stop smoking. This is how disgusting this lie went. Okay, we gotta go May, 2020 is when all this stuff is occurring. NAC is getting banned. They’re gonna lie to you about smoking.”

Full video of ‘The Antidote’ here.

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12 Doctors

Years ago when I was first out of naturopathic school, a 9 year old girl presented at my clinic. It was Friday, she was the last patient after a long week. And she had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which is a strange neurological condition and it’s rare. And in her case, it was even rarer. She had it from the waist down. And to her, when you touched her below the waist, it felt like you’d just hit her with a hammer.


It was a bad neurological illness, she’d been suffering with it for years. She’d been treated at Children’s Hospital in Boston once a month with physical therapy, which was painful and wasn’t really helping, but it’s the only thing that the allopathic medical community had for this condition. And so that’s what they did.

So she came to my office on a Friday. I gave her a homeopathic medicine, which cost I think about $10. Instructed her to take two pellets, three times a day over the course of the weekend, and to come back and see me the following week. And so Monday morning, I get into my office, I got there late for some reason, I can’t remember. Her parents are sitting on the waiting room and they’ve got tears in their eyes. And I thought, oh my God, their kid’s dead, the child died over the weekend. Right? I’m thinking about lawsuits and oh my God, what’s gonna happen next?

Well as it turns out, they were tears of joy. The child was cured in three days of a condition that she’d been dealing with for years, through the action of the homeopathic medicine. And homeopathy, by the way, is the most misunderstood and unappreciated medical therapeutic in the 21st century. And the reason that it is misunderstood and unappreciated is because the homeopathic therapeutic is diametrically opposed to the pharmaceutical imperative.

Now, pharmaceuticals, as a naturopathic doctor I can prescribe drugs. Let’s get one thing clear. It’s not the drug. It’s how it’s used. Thank God for Lidocaine, thank God for general anesthesia, thank God for Insulin for goodness sakes. But it’s our job as naturopathic doctors to get our patients so healthy that they don’t need the drug.

In any event, for the little icing on the cake of irony here: this kid was treated, you know, I think 90 miles away at a children’s hospital in Boston. I was living on Cape Cod. She was seen by 12 doctors. So the next, after she was cured, she goes back to the children’s hospital for her next follow-up visit. They do the exam, she’s cured, they can’t believe it,. Number one, because they don’t … medical doctors don’t know how to cure anything, you know, outside of a bacterial infection, every once in a while they get lucky.

And they, they were flabbergasted. And they asked the parents in wonderment, what did you do? Oh, we took her to see a naturopathic doctor and he gave her a homeopathic medicine and she was cured.

There were 12 doctors the parents told me, in the room. They all got up and left the room. Not one of ’em called me, not one of them wanted to know what I did. And this is a problem, and this is one of the biggest problems that we face here in the 21st century: is that the training of a doctor, whether it’s a PhD, whether it’s an MD, is designed to make the doctor think inside of a particular box.

And thinking outside of that box is not only contrary to the sociological norm of the profession, but in many instances it’s also illegal, because you’re gonna be practicing outside of the recognized reality-by-consensus standard of care. And this is a gigantic problem. You know, we’ve been socialized to think that the medical doctors are the smartest people in the room, and they’re not, number one.

And number two, they’re the most closed-minded people in the room. Because most medical doctors, now there are exceptions to the rule. I have a number of medical doctors who are friends of mine, and these people are open-minded.

This interview is from a Jonathan Otto series, I did not document the name but he produces these regularly. His website is HealthSecret.Com for more information.

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Energy is Free

We could have had these covering the globe by now, we’ve known about this for decades, maybe centuries. Only the billionaire psychopaths & vested energy interests have ever stood between humanity and its clean, bright, safe, sustainable future.

fluoride affects everyone

The first two chapters of the book relate the story of Dr. Phyllis Mullenix at the Forsyth Dental Institute. She had helped invent a new technology for studying the neurotoxicity of chemicals. It was called a computer pattern recognition system, and in essence, Dr. Mullenix’s technology took photographs or video of animals which had been given a chemical in small doses, and then used computers to analyze the patterned behavior, or the disruptions to patterned behavior when the animals had been given that chemical.


While Mullenix was brought into the Forsyth Dental Research Center to study some of the chemicals used in dentistry, and she was asked to study fluoride, and Phyllis Mullenix said, “I’m not wasting my time with fluoride; fluoride’s given to children, It’s good for children. It’s been around for donkey’s years. I’m wasting my time by studying fluoride.”

But she did as she was ordered, and Phyllis Mullenix found that fluoride in very modest doses produces effects in laboratory animals resembling attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Dr Mullenix: “The pattern that we saw, it typically is what we see with other neurotoxic agents that are well known to cause a hypo activity or a memory problem, or an IQ problem.

“When I first presented the results of these studies, one of the individuals sitting and listening to the results, he says, do you have any idea what you’re saying? And he says, you’re telling us that we’re reducing the IQ of children? And basically I said, yes.”

Title card: Within days of learning that her study was accepted for publication, Dr Mullenix was fired from the Forsyth Dental Center. She has received no grants since that time to continue her research.

She went from being an industry funded, leading neuro-toxicologist at a Harvard affiliated Research Institute to being a voice in the wilderness. She has not received any grants, nor any academic position as a research scientist since her opposition to fluoride was made public.

Iodine detoxes fluoride, BPA and radiation. Reverse osmosis and ClearlyFiltered countertop pitchers are the only fluoride filtering systems I know — retail pitchers like Pur, Brita or Zero Water do not filter fluoride. There are fluoride shower filters online.

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the kill box

These are not nice things to think about, but our lives depend on the quality of our decisions and our decisions depend on the quality of our information. We cannot make critical decisions for our families and ourselves with insufficient data, or worse; knowing only the government and corporate propagandas being hurled at us from every direction.

This is a 16 minute video and the transcript is long but i’ve left it uncut because these dots aren’t generally connected.


Katherine Watt: The basic idea is that public health has been militarized and the military has been sort of turned into a public health front or, Potemkin Village, such that they’re using public health language and public health laws to actually carry out a military campaign. And I would not call them DoD vaccines. I would call them DoD weapons.

So I call it the kill box because the first sort of lead that I had was Todd Calendar’s January 30th, 2022, interview on Elizabeth Leaflet’s podcast called Truth for Health, and he described it as a kill box. I looked that up and it turns out it’s a military term for establishing a geographic space or three dimensional area for a military attack by air and by surface to kill the people who are in it.

And then dismantle the kind of framework and move on to the next campaign. And what the DoD and the World Health Organization intend to do and have gotten quite far in doing, but not completely reach their goals, is to set up the entire world as their geographic terrain, their target population as ‘all the people in the world’, the duration of their campaign as ‘permanent’ and the weapons that they’re using are #1) informational, that’s the propaganda piece and the censorship piece, #2 psychological, that’s the fear and terrorism piece of telling people they need to be afraid all the time and they need to listen to the government.

And then the 3rd piece is the chemical, biological radiological and nuclear weapons, which are called in their campaign ‘Pharmaceuticals’, ‘Vaccines’, but are actually toxins and pathogens. So I started, after I heard that interview, I had already been wondering what was going on, but I started trying to track down some of the things Todd Calender talked about in his interview and figure out what the legal frameworks were and how they were set up and what the financial coercion mechanisms were.

My finding, which many other people have found from various other angles, was that this project has been going on for centuries. It’s basically globalists, central bankers and lots of related organizations trying to get complete control of human beings through banking programs and through military programs.

And they kicked it into higher gear in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. And then they kicked the public health aspect of it into higher gear starting in the 1930s and 40s, before the 1960s.

They mostly did it through orchestrated armed conflicts and financial depressions and wars, which are very loud and messy and destructive to infrastructure, and it makes it difficult for them to have plausible deniability and legal impunity for what they’re doing.

So in the mid-60s, they got much better at inducing suicide and homicide by fraudulently labeling poisons as medicines or as vaccines or as prophylactics, and telling people that submitting to that poisoning process was their civic duty. We saw that with the shorthand for ‘Do this or you’re gonna kill your grandma’.

And the way that the pharmaceutical method is primarily useful to them is that plausible deniability is much easier and legal impunity is a lot easier. They can achieve the same goal of killing lots of people without their fingerprints being all over it. I looked into the coercion cascades, mostly financial, I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail with that, but it starts at the top with the Bank for International Settlements, and they can use their control of other federal central banks access to financial systems.

And then all the way down through state governments, national governments, local municipal school districts, hospitals, everything. If you comply with what they’re telling you to do as far as masking and testing, isolating yourself, taking injections, then you will get the financial access that you need to run your business or to have a job.

And if you don’t comply, they can cut you off from those services. And so that is one of the main mechanisms through which the whole thing was carried out. And then on the legal side, at my website I do trace it back farther, but I’m gonna start at 1969 just for the sake of starting somewhere.

The US Congress passed a law to set up the Chemical and Biological Warfare program, and in that law, which is 50 USSC, Chapter 32, there are very important key terms including protective, prophylactic, and defensive, which is how they justified doing it.

They were using those words because the international community of ordinary, non-insane people were concerned about biological and chemical weapons. And they were working on international treaties to prohibit them. And so they needed to build in loopholes, and the loopholes they built in were not gonna do biological and chemical research and weapons development except for protective or prophylactic or defensive purposes.

And that’s a false characterization because all biologically active products are intrinsically aggressive and toxic and lethal. And that’s where we get disciplines, or that’s the thing that disciplines like toxicology, pharmacokinetics, genotoxicity, drug-drug interactions are all related to that fact that everything that goes into the human body or any living body has some effects which can be toxic.

So that was the way they tried to get around that. And then the Foundational Public Health Emergencies Platform came out in 1983 when congress passed the Public Health Service Act amendment. And that set up the Public Health Emergencies Program under the 1944 law that had originally set up the Public Health Service, which is a branch of the military.

And also in 1983, Congress and Reagan set up a $30 million slush fund. And that has continued, it’s got a different name now than it did then, but it’s still being funded as recently as the the NDAA and the Consolidated Appropriations Act in December, 2022.

The other thing they did in the eighties was set up the 1986 National Vaccine Program and National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and that’s the one that set up the liability exemptions for manufacturers and funneled anyone who was injured by a vaccine into this different compensation program. And that’s been used as a model since Covid started for the Countermeasures Injury Compensation program.

So the international piece, the cornerstone is the World Health Organization, which is not a health organization, it’s a military organization because of this merger that I’m talking about.
It’s sort of the military arm of the one world government that they’re trying to set up.

And they did a set of amendments to the International Health Regulations in 2005 that entered into force in June, 2007. But basically the IHR, which are currently going through another round of amendments to make them worse, called on national governments to strengthen their own domestic laws and fund more programs for surveillance, testing, detention and quarantine, physical control and forced treatment during international outbreaks of communicable diseases.

And the pretext that they used, because it was bankers who were doing this, was that they needed to protect international trade from disruptions caused by disease outbreaks. But the real intent was to set up these legal systems that transfer sovereign government from the nation state to the World Health Organization and the BIS automatically when a public health emergency of international concern has been declared.

And Congress and US Presidents and the cabinet complied with that demand from the World Health Organization.

So two of the key years were 1997 and 98. That was when the beginnings of the emergency use authorization program was set up. And when they transferred the CBRN weapons stock pay from DoD classification, I guess to HHSS or CDC classification and control it was the same products as far as I can tell. It was just a relabeling and a re-homing of them. And the EUA, that was kind of a two step thing.

At the time, the public was really upset about the use of unapproved vaccines for anthrax on military troops and the horrible adverse effects they were having. So Congress passed a law in November to kind of revoke authorization for testing or using unapproved products on military troops, but three days later in a different law made it so that the same programs could be done, but the target population would be expanded from just military troops to the entire American population.

Then around 2000 to 2002, using the momentum from 9/11 and the anthrax attacks on Congress, they set up through the statutes again, program management sort of structures. They did that through the 2000 Public Health Threats and Emergencies Act through the 2001 authorization for use of military force.

And people talked about this at the time, it was construed as putting the country into a permanent state of war, the global war on terror with every other country in the world. So there was no geographic limitation, there was no time limitation. There was no identified enemy other than terror. And through that, I think other people figured this out at the time, and then it sort of got suppressed. But it made everyone in the world into a presumptive combatant or enemy target.

So it was essentially a defacto covert global Martial Law Act by the US government. And then in those early 2000s, we also got the Patriot Act, the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act and the Homeland Security Act. And those were just more of the merging of the DHS, the DOJ, the HHS, the Department of Defense, all of the cabinet agencies.

So since then, 2003 to 2009, there have been lots and lots of executive orders on these things. Lots more statutes and appropriations, lots of agency regulations, guidance reports that were circulated to state, local and tribal authorities and law enforcement so that they would know that under a public health emergency, they are subordinated to the federal military.

FDA issued a lot of guidance for industry documents and sent those out to the pharmaceuticals and to the academic organizations and NGOs to let them know about how FDA was going to handle experimental products like vaccines, gene therapies, biologics.

And they did more test runs like 2003 SARS, 2006 MERS and 2009 H1N1. That brings us up to the other transactions authority. And this was revealed through Pfizer’s April 2022 motion to dismiss whistleblower Brook Jackson’s False Claims Act case.

They said this was not a vaccine, it was a DoD prototype, and we were never obligated to do valid clinical trials. We were never obligated to prove safety or efficacy to anyone. We never had to get FDA authorization through any of the normal guidance for industry channels. Because it was a prototype.

On October 4th, 2022, the US government endorsed that view and filed a statement of interest and support for the motion to dismiss, basically saying that clinical trials were never material or necessary for DoD to pay the contractors for producing and distributing the bio weapons known as COVID 19 vaccines.

And so all this became visible from 2020 to the present when the, World Health Organization Secretary General issued the public health emergency of International Concern at the end of January, 2020. And the HHS secretary immediately triggered the domestic frameworks through the determination that a public health emergency exists, followed by Prep Act declarations for medical countermeasures, which are the weapons.

And then Congress and the presidents, Trump and Biden passed several additional congressional acts, funding and reinforcing the structure of the kill box and issued more executive orders under the Defense Production Act, under the Stafford Act, under the National Emergencies Act to sort of build out the program.

Basically what it built is a huge public and private funding stream for military led bioweapons research and use, eliminated informed consent by reclassifying people who could potentially be carrying a disease as presumptive national security threats, so that you can do anything you want to them because you’re on a war footing.

And to shield the products and weapons from product liability, to shield all the people involved from criminal liability and civil liability, and to shield the government funders, developers, and regulators from criminal prosecution under the other laws which are in place, but are sort of superseded by this framework for use of bioweapons, use of chemical weapons, terrorism, things like that.

I see it as a joint project between the US Department of Defense, a coordinating committee of that, the Federal Reserve and the World Health Organization, and the Bank for International Settlements, and the United Nations. But the World Health Organization is like a subsidiary of the UN.

And there are things that the globalists do not like: they don’t like Constitutions and Charters. They don’t like the conflicting statutory frameworks around bio-terrorism, war crimes, genocide, torture. They don’t like any of that stuff. They don’t like when states and provinces and counties and towns pass their own laws protecting informed consent, protecting people for consumer safety.

They actually put out a report in October, 2022, state laws limiting public health protections hazardous for our health.
And there’s a whole bunch of things in there that states have started doing that the globalists do not like. So doing more of those things, more bringing control back to the state, more using Article 10 of the Constitution to reclaim state authority, those are all extremely useful.

And I do think it’s gonna break. I think there’s gonna be a tipping point and the criminal prosecutions are gonna start and we have all the evidence and every time they try to answer what we’re talking about by saying “national security”, they reinforce that this is the right way to go. This is what they’re doing. They’re doing war crimes.

Katherine Watt’s website is BailiwickNews.Substack.Com

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nicotine for ‘covid’, ‘long covid’ and ‘variants’

Not everyone I listen to understands the Terrain model of health, so they still refer to viruses and may still reference PCR tests as if they’re valid viral indicators. I read ‘around’ outdated information and recommend that even when you know better, you do too, as there can be useful information in a variety of unexpected places.


Dr Bryan Ardis: “So the spike proteins of covid were identified by geneticists all over the world, China, France, and in Italy to be venoms from various snakes and various creatures. Italy confirmed 36 different venoms from 36 different creatures in every single covid19 positive patient in multiple cities in Italy, and didn’t find a single animal venom in any of the negative covid19 PCR group. Only in the positive groups. So this has been a long time. Three years we’ve known it’s been venoms that are actually the spike proteins of covid.

“Now this is what’s important about this and why it is, I’ve been hammering this for the last two years to make sure audiences worldwide, including TNT radio’s audiences, which we’ve been on here many times. This is what’s so important: in April of 2020 when the French researchers identified that cobra toxin from King cobra’s venom and bungaro toxin from krait venom, the snake called the Krait snake, that their venoms were targeting nicotine receptors and smokers weren’t being affected, In the same paper Kate, they actually said, did you all know around the world that ivermectin also binds to alpha seven nicotine receptors? And this is why it’s working against covid. It just doesn’t work as good as nicotine does.

Nicotine is 30 times more powerful than venoms and ivermectin at binding to these receptors, which is why the human body, as God designed it, will grab the nicotine from the plant called the tobacco plant that God made and will release venoms and toxins and poisons that are bound to the same receptors.

This is hugely important because in that paper in April of 2020, over three years ago, the French scientists who are geneticists, not the retired chiropractor [referring to himself] said: “…with this truth that these are venom-based spike proteins; every government around the world, we plead with you to do nicotine patch and nicotine gum studies to prevent and stop the pandemic of Covid”.

“And not a single government around the world did it. In fact, every single government led by the United States and Anthony Fauci and the NIH actually came out in May of 2020, the very next week after that paper and lied to the whole world this whole time that smokers were the most likely to be hospitalized and have worse outcomes from covid and dying.

So “Everyone in the world needs to stop smoking!”. This was the lie the whole time. They knew people weren’t ending up in hospitals dying with covid that were smokers, and they needed more people to sign up for their vaccine agenda. So they had to have worse outcomes. This is how grotesque the lies have become over the last three years. They’ve lied the whole time and they —

Kate: “And [they said] “Don’t use Budesonide!”. [Bryan echoes this … inarticulated Kate]: …(Budesonide) got them all out of intensive care, but they wanted to use Remdesivir, which is nearly what ( … ) which killed 53% in the Ebola trials. I mean, I was reading that long ago, and do you not find it funny as well? Just to cut in here ’cause this is, I was working for a local radio when I got absolutely roasted worldwide with the millions of, of views covering what I knew in February, 2020. Thank God I did. ’cause I’m on here now. The vaping lobby came after me ’cause I did a show on vaping and how dangerous it is.

Kate: “Now I look back and I think very significant that they wanted to turn everybody over the last 7-10 years away from smoking cigarettes with nicotine in and towards vaping. Vaping. Nicotine’s not addictive. It doesn’t cause cancer anywhere.” Dr Ardis: “No it doesn’t.” Kate: “We’ll get into that. I’ll let you get into that. But vaping, which leaves your lungs looking like Swiss cheese, they wanted everybody vaping, and I do now believe because we know that these plans were put into place decades ago. They needed everybody off the tobacco ready for when, you know, those people come with the plandemic/scamdemic,

[Editor’s note: what they’re saying is it’s not the nicotine in cigarettes that is harmful or addictive; nicotine is found naturally in the nightshade family of vegetables — it’s the other chemicals in cigarettes, deliberately added for their addictive qualities, doing the harm.]

Dr Ardis: “1000%. They needed to actually convince the entire world that tobacco products were dangerous, caused cancers and nicotine is addictive. They needed to convince the majority of the world over the last five decades to avoid this product. Why? They had a plan to roll out a venom based virus, they’re gonna call it and spread it throughout the world using these vectors.

“Now, before I go any further, this next weekend in Las Vegas at the Reawaken Tour in America, I’m doing a 15 minute presentation. It will be the last presentation I do about long-hauler covid symptoms, period. Why?” Kate: “Fantastic”.

Dr Ardis: “In January of 2023, I’m gonna show this paper: scientists took people from around the world who had over 21 different long-hauler covid symptoms for over a year and a half. They had to have ’em for a year and a half. And included, they had longstanding loss of taste and smell, tinnitus ring in their ears, brain fog.

“They had to have tachycardia and heart palpitations. They had to suffer from headaches, they had to have new onset of diabetes and new onset of high blood pressure. Since having covid, there’s 21 of these symptoms. And they asked these individuals who were suffering without any removal of their symptoms from any therapy or antidote, they asked them to do one thing, Kate, for six days only. And they wanted to see if they can make every single one of those symptoms disappear. And then follow up six months later, after the six days of treatment and see if any of the symptoms returned.

“Not a single one of them did. Kate, the actual treatment in January of 2023 to get rid of 21 different symptoms and patients around the world was six days of wearing one thing. And you’ve got it on your arm, a seven milligram nicotine patch, and it reversed 50%.”

Kate: “Can I, can I add to that? I’m gonna tell you on air now, folks, I’ve had tinnitus on and off really bad for the last three years. ( … ) I put the nicotine patch on yesterday. I put it on yesterday at I think 2:30: I have no tinnitus. It’s completely gone.”

Dr Ardis: “That’s phenomenal. Just so you know, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have reported the exact same thing in three days or less. That tinnitus, loss of taste and smell will completely reverse in less than three days. Yours is less than a day. A lot of them is within 24 hours.

One of the people, Kate, in the study decided when the scientists told them to wear a seven milligram patch, they were so fed up with their symptoms for a year and a half. They said, well, if seven milligrams is good, I’m gonna do two of them. So 15 milligrams this person wore, two of them, got real nauseous and threw up ’cause it was just too much nicotine to release.

“Too much venom. It was too much poisons released at once. So he called the actual researchers and said, I’m not doing this anymore. It made me sick. And they said, why would it make you sick? And they said, he goes, I thought I could double it and it’d be better for me. Not a joke. He could not sleep through the night for a year and a half since having covid, not a joke, within the first day he slept the whole night and all of his symptoms disappeared by day 14 after only wearing them one day, a hundred percent of his symptoms.

Full podcast here.

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what parents are for

Children don’t have the experience or decision making criteria to choose wisely regarding dangerous or life-altering issues like nutrition, sex, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, vaccines, alcohol, tattoos, operating heavy machinery, or chopping off their genitals.


They need parental guidance, love and protection from schools, doctors, governments, media and sometimes even from themselves. So they can be kids while they’ve got the chance.

Video from this account.

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antidote to frankenfoods

This is an organic, whole-food, oil-free (so important!), gluten-free vegan burger. Truly an odd bird on shelves packed with billion-dollar frankenfoods. There was another whole food vegan burger we enjoyed for years, the Sunshine burger, but it disappeared and their website never explained why. So I’ve been making our own but cooking is not the best thing I do.


From NoBullBurger.Com: Our products are never made with isolates or wheat gluten – just amazing ingredients harvested directly from the Earth! NoBull is NOT meant to be a meat imitator, but a true, whole-food, real food veggieburger. Stop eating veggieburgers made of bull crap! We use only REAL food, organic and all natural ingredients you actually can feel good about eating. NoBull provides that handcrafted quality with all the convenience, all of the nutrients and best of all, the flavor!

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the hundredth monkey

I think everything Dawn Lester & David Parker have to say is valid and fascinating so there’s more than just the story of the Hundredth Monkey on this clip. Transcript begins a minute into the video:

David Parker: An understanding of the nature of reality knows that consciousness is the ground of all being. So, all things arise out of consciousness, so mind, in its bigger sense and freer sense of which we’re all part of, the big self if you like or, consciousness with a big ‘C’; is what we’re all part of.

And we often liken it to an ocean, which is vast, but it’s made up of, if we look at it as molecules of water, and each of those molecules, if we think of it in these terms, it’s complete in itself, but it’s part of the ocean. So it doesn’t lose its identity as a molecule. It’s still a molecule, but it’s part of this ocean.


And the molecules. you can liken to are sort of, personal consciousness, but at the same time we’re part of the ocean of consciousness, it’s our true nature.

And because of the interconnectedness of all those molecules or, all of those minds of people; in fact, all things, because there are no divisions in consciousness, as we often say, it’s not: there’s ‘animal consciousness’ and ‘tree consciousness’ and ‘people consciousness’. It’s [just] consciousness and all things are connected, and it’s freeing your mind, as you quite rightly say, and realizing the true power of each person’s mind, that we can bring this change around.

And, it’s not being prescriptive. It’s not saying oh well how will we do it? Do we have to change the governor or the president? Or do we have to get a better police force? or, you don’t need to be prescriptive. You just need to know that will be. Yes do active things like showing your individuality, showing your freedom.

Don’t wear these stupid face masks. Don’t do social distancing. Don’t stay away from hugging your loved ones. You know, these are criminal [mandates] that they’ve tried to impress upon people. And those little things bring around this change in consciousness. So as more and more people [refuse to comply], even if no one else knows about it, but they know about it, they’ve done it, they’ve changed their way of thinking.  

Because all consciousness is connected, it’s like a great tidal wave and it will sweep away all of this corrupt system that we are presently seeing, and that’s why we’re all here. Let’s make no mistake about it; this is not an accident. This is not, “Oh we’ve just been born into a shit time!” You know, “What the hell am I doing here?” We’re here for a reason and we’ve got an important job to do, all of us. Some of us are a little bit more keen on it than others, we’ve stuck a heads above the parapet, and that’s our job, you know? And that’s what we’re doing. You know, all of us here today talking to one another. We have key roles in this.  

Dawn: And that’s why these connections are important, because we’re encouraging, it strengthens the consciousness. It strengthens the energy to make these changes. And it is just wonderful all the people we are connecting with, and so many more people have got this understanding of who we are, what we are, what we’re about, what we’re trying to do. You know, it’s wonderful. So it’s definitely happening, it might in some cases look like it’s only a small number of people, but the energy behind it is so much bigger. Well again, it’s the perception. 

David: The media try to downplay this all the time to make it look like you’re just a few fools on your own. You know, you’re isolated. There’s no one [else] really, it’s just you ‘nutters’, there’s ‘not really many people believe this; it’s just you’. But there are hundreds of thousands we know just from the people that contact us and look at our website, and the people over this last 18 months, just over this 18 months since the book came out, just in our little circle, it’s hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

And multiply this by the people that look at your [Alec’s] stuff and all of the others [and] we’re getting into millions. So there are lots of people, and it’s growing all the time. And for those people who are familiar with the story of the hundredth monkey — I don’t know whether you know this one? [Alec]: Yes, please share it, please share it.

David: [T]here may be listeners that have not heard it, but it’s a worthwhile story, so I’ll be brief: there was an experiment observed some little while ago on a troop of monkeys on one of the Japanese islands where it was noticed that when they were thrown sweet potatoes, you know, for the majority of the time, they’d just pick them up and eat them, even though they might be covered in gravel and bits of sand and things like that.

But after a while, it was observed that one monkey would go down to the water and wash the sweet potato to wash the sand and gravel off, and then eat it. And after a short while, the rest of the monkeys started doing it. Now people may say, well, that’s no great thing, you know, they’re just learning off one another. But what the really interesting thing was, is that one of the neighboring islands that had no physical contact with that troop of monkeys just started doing it themselves. They just all started doing it. So this was the connection in consciousness at play here. And I think that’s quite a remarkable thing.

And it’s the same thing that’s going to, and is happening with human consciousness. So the more of us that have changed our way of thinking and realize the truth, even though we may never meet all of these other people — but our consciousness does, and that connection will, you know, they’ll wake up one morning and think; “Bugger this! I’m not wearing this mask anymore!” They might not know why, but they’re not gonna do it anymore. “And I’m going round to my auntie’s and I’m gonna give her a big kiss, and that will be great!”

And that’s how it starts. And millions of people will do that and stop listening to this nonsense coming out of the media. So that’s why we’re optimistic, because we know how reality works, and we know that this thing that’s happening now is a very pivotal point for humanity. And that’s why we’re here.

And that change will come about because it has to. And so it’s gonna be a big step change, and it will be a much better world. And as we say, it’s not a case of going back to how it was. No, we are going to have something much better than how it was. And that’s the real beauty of what we can bring about.

Dawn and David’s website is: WhatReallyMakesYouIll.Com

Alec Zeck’s full interview with them here.

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wrapped in toxins

(Quoted from Children’s Health Defense): Wrappers from eight brands of butter have detectable levels of total fluorine, an indicator of the group of chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, according to a new report from Mamavation.


Partnering with Environmental Health News, or, the environmental wellness blog and community had 32 wrappers from 22 brands tested by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-certified lab and found levels of total fluorine ranging from 11 parts per million to 112ppm in 16 of the wrappers.

Fluorine is a strong indicator of “forever chemicals”— which have been linked to everything from cancer to birth defects to lower vaccine effectiveness. partially funded the testing and Pete Myers, chief scientist of Environmental Health Sciences, which publishes Environmental Health News, reviewed the findings.

The report builds on and Mamavation’s growing library of consumer products tested for evidence of PFAS, including products such as contact lenses, pasta and tomato sauces, sports bras, tampons, dental floss and electrolytes.

While many are aware of PFAS pollution in water, the testing finds that we’re also exposed by the things we wear or eat. You can explore more reporting from our collaboration with Mamavation: “PFAS on our shelves and in our bodies.”

Linda S. Birnbaum, scientist emeritus and former director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Toxicology Program and scholar at residence at Duke University, told Mamavation of the new findings: “It’s disappointing to see indications of PFAS in butter wrappers. In order to protect the public, PFAS should not be present in food packaging like butter wrappers.

“This is an important issue to tackle in the future in order to protect pregnant women and children from the potential pitfalls of PFAS. I highly recommend the industry fix this problem as soon as possible.”

Can PFAS get from packaging into our food? 

PFAS have previously been found in food packaging such as pizza boxes, sandwich wrappers, French fry containers and popcorn bagsdue to their water- and oil-proof qualities.

Terrence Collins, Teresa Heinz professor of green chemistry & director of the Institute for Green Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, told Mamavation that “the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has known for decades that PFAS compounds in food wraps can migrate into our food.”

People who eat more takeout, fast food and pizza often have higher levels of PFAS in their bodies than people who regularly cook at home, according to a 2019 study. “Those eight out of 22 butter brands still using PFAS found by Mamavation in their wraps should come to terms with the serious PFAS health threats … and get rid of PFAS compounds altogether in every aspect of their business,” Collins added.

What butter brands are PFAS-free? 

Mamavation sent 32 butter wrappers from 22 brands for testing and half of the wrappers (from eight of the brands) had indications of PFAS. Some products were tested more than once and the results varied. These brands had detectable levels of total fluorine: HEB Organic, Kate’s, Kerrygold, Kirkland, Maple Hill Organic, Miyokos, Organic Valley and Wegmans.

Mamvation also highlighted brands that had butter wrappers free from PFAS evidence, including 365 Whole Foods, Clover Sonoma, Horizon Organic, Nature’s Promise, Straus Family, Trader Joe’s and others.

The testing is part of an ongoing effort by Mamavation and to identify PFAS in common consumer products. Follow our PFAS testing project with Mamavation at the series landing page.

Full Article

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elizabeth kubler-ross’ visitation

“I was at a crossroad. I felt I needed to give up my work with dying patients. That day, I was determined to give notice and leave the hospital and the University of Chicago. It wasn’t an easy decision because I really loved my patients. 

“I walked out of my last seminar on death and dying towards the elevator. At that moment, a woman walked towards me. She had an incredible smile on her face, like she knew every thought I had.


“She said, “Dr. Ross, I’m only going to take two minutes of your time. If you don’t mind, I’ll walk you to your office.” It was the longest walk I have ever taken in my life. One part of me knew this was Mrs. Johnson, a patient of mine who had died and been buried almost a year ago. But I’m a scientist, and I don’t believe in ghosts and spooks!

“I did the most incredible reality testing I’ve ever done. I tried to touch her because she looked kind of transparent in a waxy way. Not that you could see furniture behind her, but not quite real either. I know I touched her, and she had feeling to her.

“We came to my office, and she opened the door. We went inside, and she said, “I had to come back for two reasons. Number one, I wanted to thank you and Reverend Smith once more for what you have done for me. But the real reason why I had to come back is to tell you not to give up your work on death and dying. Not yet.”

“I realized consciously that maybe indeed this was Mrs. Johnson. But I thought nobody would ever believe me if I told this to anybody. They really would think I had flipped!

“So the scientist in me very shrewdly looked at her and said, “You know, Reverend Smith would be thrilled if he would have a note from you. Would you terribly mind?” You understand that the scientist in me needed proof. I needed a sheet of paper with anything written in her handwriting, and hopefully, her signature.

“This woman knew my thoughts and knew I had no intention to ever give her note to Reverend Smith. However, she took a piece of paper and wrote a message and signed it with her name. Then, with the biggest smile of love and compassion and understanding, she said to me, “Are you satisfied now?”

“Once more, she said, “You cannot give up your work on death and dying. Not yet. The time is not right. We will help you. You will know when the time is right. Do you promise?” The last thing I said to her was “I promise.” And with that, she walked out.

“No sooner was the door closed, I had to go and see if she was real. I opened the door, and there was not a soul in that long hallway.” — Elizabeth Kubler-Ross excerpted from the book Hello From Heaven

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untrack your links

Our links are dirty. Service and product vendors, social media sites and newsletter sources track us by placing code after the question mark on the page locations we’re clicking, copying and sending to friends.


In the example above, the lengthy code after the question mark is a tracking path. This references your member account or ISP and can be followed back to you wherever the link is sent, no matter how many people copy and send it beyond your initial correspondence.

Links from newsletters are a little more complicated because they often point to a redirect page that then sends the user to the destination, but once there, you can usually reload the page to which it has taken you and that will then be a direct, and clean, link to share.

Another exception is YouTube which uses question marks as part of their video-IDs, so they’re tracking us some other way or perhaps they’re not, though that sounds doubtful.

At the moment as far as we know, this data is being used for advertising purposes as vendors swap & sell our information between partners and affiliates around the world. But soon, unless we stop them, our every click and text will be linked to our social credit scores and finances, and the global government, the one that replaces our present constitutional sovereignties, will be able to turn our lives on and off with the fascist flip of an Ai switch.

“Never happen”? The UN through the WHO is in the process of that power grab right now. In September 2023 the WHO is set to ratify plans to overthrow national sovereignties including America’s. Its 194 nation states are in complete agreement and no one is stopping them. This coup is variously referred to as the WHO Pandemic Treaty, the International Health Regulations, and the Amendments to the IHR. The Biden administration is fully on board — they have no problem with deleting the phrase: “ … with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedom of persons …” from the original 2005 regulations.

Further: “The 75th World Health Assembly adopted amendments to 5 articles of the IHR that dramatically reduced the time that the 194 member nations will be allowed to reject future amendments. No signature from leaders nor approval by any Parliament or Senate was needed to enact those amendments into international law that is legally binding upon all nations. This happened in 2022 and it can clearly happen again.”

You don’t hear about this and you don’t think it could ever happen because the same people running this dystopian globalist coup, own the newspapers, magazines and tv stations we listen to. It’s not a theory, it is a conspiracy, and it stops sounding impossible when you realize “Who Owns The World“.

Copy the links you want to follow or share, paste them into a URL, message field or social media post, and delete everything after the “?” before sending — now it’s a clean link; I usually check the shortened link to make sure I haven’t accidentally deleted some crucial segment.

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viruses, variants and contagion do not exist

None of the viruses and variants you’re hearing about on the news have ever been extracted, isolated, identified, purified or documented photographically, microscopically, or otherwise from a living host – human, plant, animal or alien.

Every virus you’ve ever heard about was referencing either hypothetical or ‘In-Silico’ viral entities: that’s medical jargon for computer modeling. The images we’re shown on the news and related programs are computer generated graphics entirely fabricated for our viewing displeasure.

Likewise no virus has ever been amplified through ‘gain of function’ research, because you can’t accelerate something that doesn’t exist. You can however create new pathogens for dispersal through the air, water, food supply, EMF frequencies, virus-detection ’testing’ and weaponized global vaccinations. Poisons are real and that we do very well.


David Parker and Dawn Lester are co-authors of the seminal ‘What Really Makes You Ill: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong’. They are what I consider to be the premier source of research on the topic of the myths of viruses and contagion.

Our only chance of stopping another man-made mask-up lock-down totalitarian firestorm of mandates and their subsequent global injuries & death is to collapse the narrative that holds them in place and keeps us afraid of our own and each other’s shadows.

We’re being manipulated. There is no virus, nothing is contagious. There are only poisons, toxins, bad habits, bad nutrition, uninformed consent and environmental hazards.

I’ve heard that RFKjr has said (paraphrasing) that he doesn’t want to start a new ‘war’ about whether or not viruses exist, so he focuses on seeking ‘safe’ vaccines and holding government agencies and corporations responsible for their egregious lies and deceit. I think Del (The Highwire) and Aaron (The Highwire’s parent company ICANDecide‘s legal lead) feel the same way; so unlike some in the health freedom community, I do not believe these brilliant men are big pharma ‘gatekeepers’.

The links below are pasted from the above video’s Bitchute page, so any of my visitors who want to look into this matter more deeply can do so. The top link below refers to experiments during the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ which was not from Spain and not a flu. Like today, it was a US military vaccine operation that injured and killed millions around the world, covered up with a viral contagion story.

No one who was not vaccinated during the ‘Spanish Flu’ fell ill, no one working with the ill got sick themselves, and in the experiments described below, no healthy volunteers were infected by any of a wide variety of ‘vectors of contagion’, some quite shocking, in experiments that could never be repeated today:


The History Of Science – Dr. Stefan Lanka



🍀   🍀   🍀



🍀   🍀   🍀

James M. Tour: The Mystery of the Origin of Life | (DNA? mRNA? Cells?)

🍀   🍀   🍀

Immanuel Project – O.R.I., No. 01: Bioweapons – The Myth of Man-Made Pathogens



🍀   🍀   🍀

The Truth About Rabies, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Graphene and the Results of the 2nd Control Experiment


Debunking Virology with Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Dr. Stefano Scoglio

Project Immanuel (critically examines and scrutinizes all fundamental publications on Sars-Cov-2)

🍀   🍀   🍀

Dr. Papadopulos: HIV Was Never Proven to Exist:


Deconstructing The AIDS Myth – Gary Null documentary:

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anything oil can do: hemp can do better, cheaper, cleaner, faster and safer

There’s nothing wrong with clean air, clean water, clean foods, clean earth, natural remedies, renewable energies and a sustainable environment, and we don’t need to imprison humanity to achieve these goals, as is happening now courtesy of the WEF-WHO-UN-EU-Gates and their sycophant politicians & corporate subsidiaries. A simple switch to sustainable, renewable goods and services will accomplish this on a daily win-win basis.

If you’re an inventor, invent with sustainable, biodegradable products. If you’re an entrepreneur, build your new networks and businesses around sustainable, clean and cruelty-free products and resources. Hemp can play an important role in turning around our economies; one that leaves everyone a solvent partner instead of a globalist slave.

76 Incredible Real-Life Products Made from Hemp:


Article-1 by Nina Julia: Hemp is the oldest agricultural crop on our planet, one that has long been used by a number of great civilizations. Although forsaken at some point, hemp is now going through a renaissance, showing us once again that it can help people in a myriad of ways. Let’s take a look at the quote from an article published in Popular Mechanics in 1938: “American farmers are promised a new cash crop […] and it will provide thousands of jobs for American workers throughout the land.”

Yes, dear friends, hemp was once claimed the New Billion-Dollar Crop. With such an extremely wide range of potential applications, it’s no wonder that hemp gained such a reputation among U.S. citizens. It seemed that the opportunities for using hemp in our lives were endless.

Still, it took the government not even a year after this publication to pass harsh restrictions on cannabis and hemp that essentially burned the entire industry down in the ground. For almost a century, hemp has been forgotten and stigmatized due to the sea of misconceptions spread by the Reefer Madness propaganda.

Fortunately, as times are changing, more and more people become aware of how hemp can improve the quality of our lives. In this article, we will show you 76 amazing real-life hemp products – we hope you’ll try some of them once you learn how awesome they are: Full Article-1

25 Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Made From Hemp:

Article-2 by Rachel Garland: What is hemp used for and how long have we been using it The first recorded use of hemp dates back over 10,000 years ago.

From China to Africa, hemp has been an integral resource in many cultures. Even the Deceleration of Independence was signed on hemp paper. In fact, here are just 25 things (out of an estimated 25,000 things!) that can be made from hemp.

Fuel: Did you know that hemp could fuel the world? Hemp is the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendlyfuel crop. Depending on processing, hemp can produce two different types of fuel – hemp biodiesel and hemp ethanol/methanol.

Ink: When researching what hemp can be used for, this one caught us by surprise. Hemp oil can be used as a base for non-toxic inks. And compared to more popular materials like soy, hemp ink requires minimal processing and dries faster.

Mulch: Often used as a surface application, hemp mulch improves the soil around plants. Because hemp mulch provides high thermal insulation, it is protective in warm and cold temperatures. In addition, mulch made from hemp provides a dryer surface area keeping weeds at bay.

Carpet: Traditional carpeting is a big culprit of indoor pollution. The synthetic materials used to create the fibers are not only loaded with toxic chemicals but trap allergens, debris, and other pollutants. Hemp carpet on the other hand actually reduces indoor pollution. When made with eco-friendly materials, the carpet is also 100% biodegradable.

Fiberboard: Did you know compressed hemp hurds and bast fibers offer an alternative to traditional insulation materials? In fact, hemp fiberboard is not only environmentally sustainable, it’s also lighter, stronger, and water-resistant.

Batteries: Hemp-based batteries can be made at 1/1000 of the cost of our current energy systems. They can also outperform current energy storing technologies. A replacement to hazardous and non-environmentally friendly battery units, hemp batteries could help heal our planet.

Plastic Products: Did you know that hemp plastic is said to be five times stiffer and 2.5 times stronger than polypropylene (PP) plastic? Or, that hemp plastic doesn’t pose the health and safety risks associated with other plastic materials like glass fibers? Because the hemp plant is so diverse, there are many different types of hemp plastic; from infused plastic to 100% biodegradable hemp plastic.

Hemp Butter: Made from hemp seeds, similar to peanut butter, this offers a rich nutty flavor. Its high fiber, protein, and magnesium content make it a healthy option for any diet. While hemp butter is available in some stores, it’s also very easy to make. Full Article-2

What Can You Make Out of Hemp?

Article-3: by Fraser Horton: Being one of the most durable materials, the hemp plant is an excellent source for producing industrial and building materials.

Hempcrete: One of the most promising ways for the industrial use of the hemp plant is hempcrete, which is a building material that’s made from hemp hurds, lime, and sand. Hempcrete can be used for the construction or insulation of homes and it has many benefits. It naturally absorbs CO2 as it ages, thereby reducing carbon footprint and becoming sturdier at the same time. It’s also an excellent thermodynamic insulator and will help reduce energy costs. And finally, since it’s made out of natural materials, it can also eliminate causes for allergies.

Hemp Ropes: Not exactly a building material, but a very durable one. The strength of hemp fibers makes them a great choice for the production of ropes to be used for all purposes.

As expected, hemp plastic is much more durable (3.5 times stronger and 5 times stiffer) and much more eco-friendly than conventional plastic. Bioplastic can be used for the production of so many products, including cars (like what Henry Ford did).

Hemp has many environmental benefits, and the production of hemp paper is another one. Hemp paper is more sustainable than tree paper because hemp stalks grow much faster than trees allowing for a larger-scale production of paper in a shorter amount of time. Plus, only one acre of hemp plants can produce just as 4-10 acres of trees over a cycle of 20 years.

Hemp also contains much higher levels of cellulose compared to trees – hemp has 85%, while trees have 30% cellulose. That said, long-term use of hemp to produce paper can significantly lower the rates of deforestation.

In 1941, Henry Ford built a car using hemp materials, hemp plastic to be more precise, and it even ran on hemp fuel. In other words, a model example of sustainability. But it seems like automotive hemp products are making a comeback.

One of the most important hemp products is biofuel, or biodiesel and bioethanol. Biodiesel is primarily made from both hemp seeds and stalks, while bioethanol or cellulosic ethanol (alcohol fuel) is made by fermenting the whole plant. The best thing about biofuel is that regular cars can run on it. Full Article-3  

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cayenne for hearts, strokes, frostbite, pain and wounds

A few paragraphs from the book: “Did you know that if you take garlic in the right proportions, you can bring your blood pressure back to normal in three months? Well, if you add cayenne, you could cut that down to three days. The effectiveness of herbs such as ginkgo biloba (anti-depressant), milk thistle (for liver health), hawthorn berry (for heart health) etc, increases many times over when taken with cayenne pepper.”

“Cayenne can unclog your kidneys and your sinuses, allow you to breathe freely and restore broken, bleeding gums to normal. Cayenne, in short, is a kitchen miracle.”


“Cayenne pepper brings fast pain relief to every situation: headaches and migraines, neuralgia [nerve pain], arthritis (including rheumatoid), menstrual cramps, lumbago [back pain], muscle pains, toothaches, and wounds. (C)ayenne pepper works on many underlying physical problems that can cause pain, including generalized pain, as well as pain from injuries and specific conditions.

“Cayenne pepper also leads to faster and more lasting healing following an emergency. For instance, one of the top herbal healers out there has had patients with lacerations so deep they expose bone. Simply by packing the open wound with a few handfuls of [organic] cayenne, the blood will flow to the wounded area, allowing the flesh to seal itself together without so much as a stitch.

“Improved circulation leads to better heart health, better skin health and less pain. Better respiratory heath combined with better circulation, better nutrient absorption and less pain leads to better overall health and creates an internal environment that is not receptive to cancer.

“Tests have shown a reduction in pancreatic, lung, and prostate cancer in connection with the consumption of capsaicin, the key healing element in cayenne pepper. The capsaicin literally destroys cancer cells. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper also works to stop tumor growth and reduces the swelling in tumors. By taking cayenne in massive amounts — ten teaspoons per day — patients can completely dissolve cancer tumors.

“Cayenne pepper also repairs the cells lining the lungs, for a healthier lung environment that is uninviting to cancer [as well as colds and flus] and promotes freer breathing.” — Sharon Daniels

Video clip of Australian naturopath Barbara O’Neill:

The experiences below came from reviews of a cayenne product in dropper bottles. If I was having these kinds of symptoms however, I’d change my diet immediately and make sure I was taking enough K2 to balance my D3, and magnesium to balance my calcium, because calcium, especially if it’s not algae-based, can build up and harden the blood vessels to our hearts and brains. Osteoporosis is a vitamin-C deficiency, not a calcium deficiency; have your micronutrient levels checked and don’t supplement with calcium if you’re not deficient.

“A relative stopped a mini-stroke in two minutes: Suddenly he could’t pronounce words correctly, the words seemed to come backwards out of his mouth. Instead of chair he would say rrch, etc. We think it was a mini-stroke. He spent like one minute desperately trying to speak properly until he remembered the hot pepper by Christopher he had in the kitchen cabinet. He put a few drops in a Ittle water and swallowed.

“After barely one minute his speech was 100% normal. He asked us how long everything had lasted. We told him the problem barely lasted one minute, two at most. He said he felt it had lasted much longer. That was several years ago. The problem never came back. He doesn’t take cayenne but he always has a bottle in the kitchen. After that event, several family members of all ages keep a bottle at hand at all times.”

“This is a must have in case of emergency. My wife had a heart attack, and cayenne pepper saved her life. I’ve been using it ever since.”

“I got an intense pain that felt almost crushing, the world started to go dim and I got up in a panic and told my husband this was it. I was terrified because it felt like the pain was going to kill me and what a terrible way to go! I remembered the cayenne extract and quickly grabbed something to put warm water in and put a dropper in it (thankfully I had read the directions when I got it) and took it. The burning in my throat at first, I thought I was going to choke and trigger an asthma attack, but thankfully it went away. The feeling in my chest took about 30 seconds to go away, then it went back to almost normal in about a minute. I swear this product saved my life.”

“My husband, who is only 45, has had four ischemic strokes. Our doctor told him to keep these hot pepper drops on hand, and to take them when he feels like he did before the past strokes. Apparently, hot peppers open the arteries. He’s been using these for a couple years now and hasn’t had another stroke.”

More videos and cayenne information here. As always when purchasing beverages, foods & supplements; seek out food-based organics, and if you consult a physician, they should be holistic because conventional doctors have no training in nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, energy medicines, exercise, lymphatic massage, fasting, meditation or other forms of natural healing.  

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d3 needs k2

This is a newsletter article from Keith Scott-Mumby, MD. I’m posting it for the information, u can choose to try his D3K2 drops or not, I’m not financially connected to anything but my arts.

“If you could take just one dropper-full a day of something to give you the powerful immune support of high-dose vitamin D, coupled with heart health and bone health, would you do it? I would! (in fact, I do—every day). Drops are so easy to take! [that’s KS-M speaking, I take a capsule by Amen that includes Zinc].

What takes care of the heart and arteries as well as strengthens bones? Vitamin K2. That probably needs a bit of explaining, so I’ll start there.


There are 2 forms, K1 and K2. We need not concern ourselves with K1 here. Both are important for blood clotting (Danish koagulation, hence vitamin K).

But it rapidly emerged K2 (menaquinone) is also very important for calcium regulation, specifically calcium that gets deposited in arteries, as part of the aging process. This especially affects the coronary arteries and is dangerous.

According to a 2015 article in Geriatric Cardiology, coronary artery calcification (CAC) is highly prevalent in patients with coronary heartdisease and is associated with major adverse cardiovascular events (heart attack and/or sudden death).1

Another article in the BMJ Openheart journal (2021) points to K2’s select and specific role in controlling CAC. “Increased vitamin K2 intake may reduce arterial stiffness, slow progression of vascular and valvular calcification… and decrease cardiovascular mortality.”2

So K2 saves lives? Yes, Big Time! Get some K2/D3 “drops” here. Taken together with vitamin D3 (not D2), this combination is also a powerful tool for strengthening bones. Is that important?

YES! I said in my booklet on osteoporosis, bone thinning can be deadly… more women die of fracture of the femur (hip) in the USA, than die of breast cancer. Aging ladies NEED this protection. And before you write to ask me, thinning of bones in elderly men too is fast becoming a recognized pathological hazard.

Vitamin D Also Saves Lives. Almost everyone is deficient in vitamin D. Considering that vitamin D is a proven buffer against cancer, viral infections and other diseases, most of the population is DANGEROUSLY deficient.

Unless you live in the far north and want to eat seal and whale blubber, very few foods naturally contain significant levels of vitamin D. These include oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring, mushrooms exposed to sunlight or that are sun-dried and, of course, as every school kid knows, cod liver oil!

But fish oils are not enough. You need to supplement. Sadly, statistics tell us that active vitamin D levels begin to decline from teens onwards and, on average, everyone older than 20 years falls below the minimum recommended blood levels (40 ng/ml).

Vitamin D works in the expression of over 800 pro-health genes. It also works to alleviate low mood (depression), fatigue and cognitive impairment; the latter is something none of us can afford to happen as we get older. Yet, I repeat: almost everyone is deficient. It’s something we cannot allow!  You are at risk.

Vitamin D and COVID: Vitamin D has been christened by some the “antibiotic vitamin”. But it is also highly effective against viruses illnesses [there are no viruses, it’s pharma fiction, KS-M should know that].

One of the few proven factors to fight SARS-COV-2 infections, along with vitamin C and molecular hydrogen, is vitamin D3 (not the D2 form).

  • In one study, published Apr 26th, 2020, the majority of the COVID-19 cases with insufficient or deficient Vitamin D status died.3
  • The odds of death were higher in older and male cases with one or more pre-existing conditions (comorbidity) and below normal vitamin D levels.
  • When corrections are made, to allow for age, sex, and comorbidity, Vitamin D status is strongly associated with COVID-19 mortality; meaning that low vitamin D levels are a significant risk factor for death due to SARS-COV-2.

Yet CNN—which evil empire we know is on the side of Big Pharma—has published treacherous and dangerously misleading remarks, such as taking vitamin D supplements “can hurt a lot,” as “too much vitamin D can lead to a toxic buildup of calcium in your blood, causing confusion, disorientation and problems with heart rhythm, as well as bone pain, kidney damage and painful kidney stones.”4

CNN does not specify what “too much” vitamin D actually is and omits any advice on necessary supplementation. Instead, the article quotes people searching for ridiculous levels of up to 60,000 IU daily, which probably could be toxic. It’s an old trick, to discredit someone: take what they are saying and blow it up to absurdity… and then scoff at the idea! In fact the whole piece is nonsensical. So-called vitamin D toxicity is actually a kind of vitamin K2 lack (see below).

How will you know whether you are deficient? The only sure-fire method to know your exact status is to have a blood test. You can arrange with your doctor to have your 25-hydroxy-vitamin-D levels measured (25(OH)D).

25(OH)D is the main form of vitamin D circulating in the blood and the best indicator of vitamin D deficiency or excess in patients, providing there is no kidney disease.

You want a blood level of AT LEAST 40 ng. per ml (European blood results are usually reported as nanomoles instead of nanograms per L. You want a level of at least 100 nmol/L). The ideal range would be: 40 – 60 ng/ml (100 – 150 nmol/L)

I think it’s perfectly safe to skip the blood test, if resources are limited. Just assume you are deficient. If you don’t spend 2 hours a day, semi-dressed in the sunshine (plenty of bare skin), or supplement with at least 2,000 IU daily, you almost certainly will be.

You need to correct this. Some day a real pandemic will come along and you need to be protected. In fact I have a paper that calls vitamin D shortage a “pandemic”!5

There’s a catch which is seldom referred to: supplementing with vitamin D alone risks hardening your arteries. We all know about vitamin D, calcium and bones. Historically, as people lived in smoky cities and got little direct sunshine, there was a lot of rickets, due to very low vitamin D levels.

It remains true, of course, as it always was, that vitamin D will mobilize calcium and correct the rickets. But some of the calcium will end up in your arteries; the walls become thickened and that is a very bad idea!

To counter this effect you need to supplement with vitamin K2 as well as vitamin D (and you should be taking magnesium, anyway). K2 is an expensive micronutrient but very essential. It will literally block the calcium deposits in your arteries and will leech out the calcium if it’s already there. So—money well spent.

But it goes deeper: vitamin K2 actually aids the absorption of vitamin D. Factually, you need more than TWICE the amount of vitamin D to achieve healthy blood levels, if you don’t also take K2. In fact vitamin D can rapidly become toxic, even at reasonable doses, if you don’t concomitantly take K2.

Not many supplement vendors are telling you that, I’ll bet! Go here to get yourself some top-shelf immune support, PLUS healthy bones and arteries! My friend Charles at Passion4Life Vitamins has taken care of the vitamin D3, K2 (menaquinone) match up. There’s even a smidge of fatty acids in there (alpha linolenic acid) and it’s easy as pie to swallow and it’ll save your life.

These drops are organic, sugar- dairy- gluten- and GMO-free and absorb well by mouth.”

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alzheimer’s is naturally curable and preventable

“Vitamin B12 deficiency is clinically identical to Alzheimer’s disease. ( …. ) Methylcobalamin is probably the best [most assimilable form], Cyanobobalamin which is more common is not quite as good.”

“Everyone that has any sign of Alzheimer’s, any sign at all, or anyone that’s over 60 should have their B12 checked, and then we know if they need more B12.”


“The researchers said of the mice, that got all this Niacin [or Niacinamide], that ‘cognitively, they were cured’. That is a direct quote from the study; that word is “cured”. And they added that you could see no sign that they ever had the disease.”

Andrew W. Saul, PhD has over 40 years of experience in natural health education. His world famous, free-access educational website, DoctorYourself.Com, is peer reviewed and the largest non-commercial natural health resource on the internet.

Always buy food-based organic supplements for toxin-free 100% absorbtion. It’s not always possible, but try these first.

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“the terrain is everything”

This is the popular conception but the reality is the inside of that vaccinated bag is as hazardous or more, than the polluted waters outside, and if you get sick from either or both, your trusted experts & government officials will cry: “Nobody FORCED you to take those shots!”


There are no viruses; they’re imaginary. They exist only “in-silico”, which means “in the computer”, which means “made up”. No virus has ever been isolated, identified, or purified from a dead or living host. No virus has ever been proven to be contagious from one human being or animal to another. Not by sneezing, coughing, touching or even mucosal indigestion (see Rosenau experiments, 1918-19).

Virus theory is a vast, fabricated, falsified, fraudulent, manipulated series of unverified, unvalidated, unrepeatable, inconsistent and self-referential stories that were and continue to be honed and crafted for the sole benefit of the deeply funded, sociopathically venal pharmaceutical industry. Germ theory is a business model — it has nothing to do with health.

I realize these are strong statements and if you’ve never heard them before they sound preposterous because we’ve all been indoctrinated from birth with the story of germs, and that’s what doctors are taught in medical school.

But those daring enough to look beyond the wall of conventional rhetoric will find that from its inception, germ theory has been a fraud and a hoax, one that Louis Pasteur himself, the father of germ theory (though not its originator), confessed at the end of his life was profoundly inferior to terrain theory: “The germ is nothing” he said, “the terrain is everything.”

There was no ‘Black Plague’, it was most likely volcanic and astronomical debris poisoning our atmosphere, as even fishes died and they were nowhere near the ‘rat fleas’ blamed for the spread, There was no ‘Spanish Flu’, that was global vaccine injury perpetrated by the US military, first on soldiers sent into World War I, then on civilians once the soldiers returned. There was no ‘Mad Cow Disease’, the British government was forcing farmers to use a neurotoxic chemical ‘dip’ on their livestock, allegedly against hide pests, that drove them to erratic behaviors. And there is no ‘Covid’, there are no Covid ‘variants’ and there is no Covid ‘contagion’.

There’s nothing new or unique about ‘Covid’, it wasn’t weaponized in a lab (unless we’re talking about a poison and that’s a different, valid possibility), and you cannot ‘catch’ Covid from another human or animal or the things they touch or sneeze at or into (like the air).

You can call me a conspiracy theorist but germ theory itself is the real conspiracy. Look into the matter and decide for yourself, or keep being victimized by globalists (WEF, WHO, UN, GAVI) who want to tie you down, lock you up and inject you with their poisons forever.

Don’t dawdle though; the WHO is scheduled to assume world governance by 2024.

What Really Makes You Ill
The End of Germ Theory
Virus Mania
Terrain The Film
Dr Sam Bailey
Dr Tom Cowan

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18yo van gogh

This is Vincent Van Gogh in 1873, prior to what I believe was chronic systemic poisoning from the paints and solvents he was using. Not every artist is as sensitive to these chemicals as he may have been and obviously not all artists react the same way, but having been poisoned myself by today’s far less toxic art supplies, I believe his, in the late 1800s, were responsible for at least some of his erratic behavior and some or much of his drinking, which I think he used in part to palliate the chemical effects of his craft.


I think these chemicals may have disturbed his sleep and twisted his dreams and I think he may have been what we might refer to as ‘touched’ by extra-sensory insights, intuitions & premonitions that he had no idea how to comprehend or assimilate, beyond painting these impressions into his canvases. Famously through the ages, psychics and empaths have been feared and misunderstood, ridiculed, jailed, and committed to asylums which of themselves, with their ghastly procedures, drugs and isolation, would drive anyone mad.

Had Van Gogh not been sensitive to the chemicals he was using, or perhaps not had some unhealthy habits — some artists routinely twirl the tip of their brushes between their lips to get a point, others have mixed even lead paints & oils with their fingers, many still use hands & fingers to smudge the canvas, unaware how neurotoxic that is, and we know that Van Gogh slept and ate in the same room as he kept his paintings, no wonder he felt attracted and compelled to represent the great outdoors — so with a slightly different lifestyle he may not have been the confused and confounded artist we’ve come to regard him as.

I am not a scholar and have not looked deeply into this issue, but I also can’t fathom why his brother, a Dutch art dealer and apparently very close to Vincent, was sending him a pauper’s monthly stipend but not also promoting his paintings as he did for Gauguin and other contemporaries. I think perhaps family is not the most objective appraiser or enthusiastic marketer of any artist’s works.

Selling his art and receiving some small stream of encouragement would have helped balance his emotional state and boosted his self-confidence, as well as his finances. No one needs to be ‘mad’ to be a great painter, and if so I think being somewhat less mad, for being somewhat less great, would be an acceptable trade-off.

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“conspiracy theory” is a conspiracy

The phrase ‘conspiracy theory/theorist’ is a CIA fabrication most famously used to discredit those who doubted the absurdity of the ‘Lone Gunman’ Warren Report — itself a theory. Following quotes are excerpted:

So who is the real conspiracy theorist? Kennedy or Olmstead? And if conspiracy theorist means a real intellectual who probes beneath the surface to try to expose government corruption and uncover the truth, then I too strive to be a conspiracy theorist — proudly so.”


Whether One Agrees or Disagrees With Aspects of His Outlook, the Media is Clearly Slanted Against [RFKjr]: In January 1967, the CIA sent a memo (marked “SECRET,” “RESTRICTED,” and “DESTROY WHEN NO LONGER NEEDED”) to its army of media “assets” secretly embedded in virtually every area of U.S. communications.

“This army of covert operatives (exposed as “Operation Mockingbird” in a historic 1977 Rolling Stone article by Carl Bernstein) extended all the way up to world famous columnists, bureau chiefs, managing editors, newspaper publishers and CEOs of major radio and television broadcasting networks.

“What did the CIA’s secret memo instruct its media assets to do? Entitled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report,” the memo provided guidance for countering “conspiracy theorists” who challenged the Warren Report’s false conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of John F. Kennedy.

“It recommended the strategy of smearing critics of the Warren Report by describing them as being financially motivated; or having “anti-American, far-left or communist sympathies,” or being hasty, inaccurate or ego-driven in their research.

“Sound familiar? Although five decades old, the tactics recommended by the memo seem chillingly current, a virtual operating manual for how the present-day CIA tries to smear and discredit anyone who dares to question official government propaganda.

“Although the specific term “conspiracy theorist” pre-dates the JFK assassination, it was enthusiastically embraced and deployed by the CIA as one of its most powerful psychological weapons, to be wielded against anyone who suspects the government of secret wrongdoing. It is an effective way to silence dissenting voices by marginalizing them and leaving them open to ridicule.

“Characterized by Richard Nixon in the Watergate tapes as the “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated,” the Warren Commission advanced the magic bullet theory postulating that a single bullet caused eight wounds in JFK and his car-mate, Texas Governor John Connally, which is impossible by the laws of physics.[11]

“David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., leading expert on the medical evidence in the case of JFK, plotted the official trajectory of the bullet that officials claim passed through JFK’s neck and entered Connally’s back and discovered that it is anatomically impossible because cervical vertebra intervene. Former Tulsa police detective Craig Roberts points out that the supposed “magic bullet” would have had to have made “two 90 degree turns, and had to pause 1.8 seconds in flight at the same time.”

“Olmstead in her Slate piece acknowledges that the CIA may have indeed had some involvement in JFK and RFK’s deaths, but criticized RFK Jr. for “turn[ing] his belief into a crusade, conducting months of research into the assassination and leading a campaign to have Sirhan [who was fingered as the lone assassin] released from prison,” which others in his family did not support.[12]

“These comments actually paint Kennedy in a flattering light as someone who will invest the time to carry out deep research to try to validate his suspicions. They reveal further that he is a compassionate man who is trying to right a wrong by freeing the man he has come to believe was wrongfully convicted of his father’s murder—which others in his family are not willing to do.”

Full (well-written) Article

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too many miracles

I believe we’ve got a 50/50 chance of winning any lottery, because even the world’s fastest computers running exascale at over a quintillion operations per second can only tell us the ‘what’ of the win: they can only tell us we’ve all got the same bazillion-to-one chance of winning every game we play.


They can’t tell us the ‘who’ of the win; nor can our geniuses, prodigies, Ai or psychics. Yet someone with the same bazillion-to-none chances as the rest of us, always does win. That statistical wobble is our 50% chance: you win or you don’t win. You, personally. You.

My suspicion is this calculus applies to other situations as well … schools, jobs, sports, mates, families: chances for success of any kind. No one can prove us wrong for believing in miracles. There are simply too many miracles.

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your body your choice

Most health care professionals would not recommend ingesting much, if any coconut oil; it’s a highly refined saturated fat and there’s sufficient evidence to be wary of that, but the fleshy coconut fruit itself, its water and mylk are all very healthy, and coconut oil in topical application has many uses including dissolving moles & melanomas. Photo above is from ‘Coconut Cures’.

One of our cousins has been diagnosed with cancer. We have doctors in our family however and everyone loves and respects them, including me, so I won’t intrude with my natural ideas.


But if I was asked for some advice, the first thing I’d suggest would be to stop all vaccinations; they’re under-tested, under-handed, rubber-stamped industrial poisons built on a fraudulent, spurious, never-proven paradigm. Germ Theory is the biggest conspiracy theory in history, beside which all other conspiracy theories pale.

You may think that’s either an insane or a debatable statement but only between those who know it’s true and those who don’t yet know.  Look into this for yourself at websites like Remedy.FilmTheHighwire.Com and GreenMedInfo.Com if you wonder if I’m right, and come to your own conclusions.

We cannot trust legacy media anymore: they are bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and the institutions, NGOs and government agencies (50% of FDA’s budget comes from pharmaceuticals! and the CDC sells vaccines!) that profit from it.

If 70% of your annual salary came from Big Macs, would you say anything bad about Big Macs? 70% of conventional media’s budget comes from the pharmaceutical industry; that’s newspapers, websites, podcasts & TV. You need to take your life into your own hands now; no one cares more about your health, your family or your survival than you do.

My relatives trust their gods and doctors implicitly however, so I will say I believe we can do exactly as we please, even nothing, and still thrive. We can sometimes thread a needle in a thunder storm if we have to, because life is bigger and more mysterious than any of us will ever understand.

But for those who prefer to hedge their bets, tip the scales, have a hand in their own recovery; some good sources of information are: TheTruthAboutVaccines.Com, TheEndOfCovid.Com, LearnTheRisk.ComNVIC.Org and ChildrensHealthDefense.Org.

Whether you can or cannot stop dosing yourself with pharmaceuticals, I’d begin my journey back to health with these few sites:
‘Coconut Cures’ by Bruce Fife, and

Most of the people on this list would not recommend ingesting coconut oil, it’s a highly refined saturated fat and there’s sufficient evidence to be wary of that, but the fleshy coconut fruit itself, its water and mylk, are all very healthy, and coconut oil in topical application has many uses including dissolving moles & melanomas. Below photo from ‘Coconut Cures’.

The first step to a cure is awareness and the first step to awareness is believing there are exceptions, possibilities, loopholes and options to what everyone is telling you. People have been cured of the worst diseases throughout history, against their doctor’s prognoses and their family’s conventional beliefs. Most people will attribute their recovery to divine intervention no matter what they do or don’t do and I’m in no position to say they’re wrong, but if you’re concerned with your survival, try taking part in reclaiming your life.  It’s your life, your body, your choice and your future: not theirs.

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vaccine shedding

Infectious germs and contagion remain to this day only theories, so for those in the Terrain theory community the question of viral infection is self-evident: there are no viruses, so they cannot infect anyone, nor can they be spread by contagion — but the spectre of vaccine shedding is sometimes viewed as a separate issue.


It is not: “… there remains no evidence that nucleic acids and proteins are contagious entities that shed from one person to make another sick.” — Sam Bailey, MD.

“For those of us that can see there’s no scientific evidence for the existence of viruses, and on a wider front, the existence of pathogens, full stop; the intricate details concerning mechanisms of harm from vaccines is of secondary importance, it is downstream of the fact that every vaccine in history has been a fraud, not just the death-dealing Covid shots. 

Nobody should take any vaccine unless they understand that it is a game of Russian Roulette. The Covid injections are particularly nasty due to their combination of lipid nanoparticles, synthetic RNA, polyethylene glycol, with some batches possibly containing other, undeclared constituents such as graphene.

My ‘Virus Mania’ co-author, Dr Stefano Scoglio, succinctly describes them as ‘toxic bombs’ because the shots are full of pro-inflammatory compounds, which can wreak havoc with many systems in the body; but their damage is limited to the recipients, plus or minus unborn children when it comes to pregnant women.

Shedding is not supported by the scientific literature, and is in fact an old mainstream ideology that stems directly from germ theory.” — Sam Bailey, MD.

Article and full video here.

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watch: terrain the film

How would your perception of mandates, masking, lockdowns, school closures, corporate censorship, bankruptcies, political over-reach, public shaming, police brutality, hospitals turning away the unvaccinated, the transfer of 3 trillion dollars from the middle classes to the billionaires, and the ongoing vaccine injuries and deaths change if you knew that no virus in the history of medicine has ever been identified, isolated, purified or proven to exist?

Not by Jenner, Pasteur, Koch, Salk, Gallo, Hazan, the CDC, NIH, the WHO or any other virologist or research lab on the planet. Computer models don’t count; they’re imaginary.


What may sound at first preposterous, with just a little research will start to appear obvious and eventually, infuriating. We’ve been lied to our entire lives at our own expense and now this global hoax — wielded by Schwab and Gates with their acolytes and sycophants — is ending civilization. There are no viruses, there is no contagion; we’re all being railroaded. Stop the WHO or no one on earth will ever know freedom again.

On some tablets and desktops the full screen link has wrapped around to the bottom left of the projector, appearing as 2 white brackets approximately 30% to projection window center once you tap the screen.

Once a critical mass is reached, no agency on earth will be able to contain or enslave us, as the WHO, the WEF, the EU and the UN are in the process of doing right now with digital IDs, vaccine passports and Central Bank Digital Currencies. All of these protocols are surveillance, not convenience: our participation ends civilization.

Transcription bundle, trailers, workshops and bonus materials at TerrainTheFilm.Com

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calm drops

There are no side effects, age restrictions young or old, and no known drug interactions with homeopathics. When they work, they just work.

This is a pleasant tasting calming blend, I prefer it to their similar product called “Stress Mints”, which I find somewhat less effective, your results may vary. The added benefit to using either of these de-stressors is they double as a breath mint and unlike drugs, they don’t alter your perceptions or dull your reflexes.


I have no vested interests in anything but my own work, but so what if I did? The doctors who sell supplements from their websites do so because they’ve found them helpful in their practice. The ka-trillions of dollars pharmaceutical companies make selling drugs with known issues doesn’t seem to bother journalists anymore. It’s only the natural doctors actually helping people who are impugned for profiting from their expertise.

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mickey’s linen

My brilliant uncle Mickey, my father’s brother and a lifelong best friend to me, passed away on Monday. On the way back to his daughter’s house from the funeral, my car unexpectedly stalled on a Chicago side street; died at a stoplight, no acceleration, would not restart. By sheer luck (something more?) it hadn’t died earlier on the tollway, causing me to slow rapidly without brake lights in speeding traffic, triggering a multi-car accident.


My brother and his wife were a few minutes ahead of me so they circled back and waited 2 hours with me for a tow truck. Eventually we sent the car back to a shop by my house and continued late to my cousin’s house together, after which they kindly drove me home.

At one point they left to use a nearby restroom and asked about my safety on this industrial stretch. I said I’d be fine, it was a nice sunny day, whomever had kept my car from dying on the highway, dropping me instead on this quiet side street, would also watch over me here. I was thinking it was Mickey because this was kind of his day, but we each probably have a number of astral friends looking out for us at various times.

From the driver’s seat of my car (the gray space on the right of the photo is my opened hood), shortly after they’d gone I noticed a truck pull up and idle, diagonally ahead and across the street from me. There are a few interesting things about this innocuous photo: 

1) When you zoom in, you see the name on the truck is ‘mickey’s linen’, branded in an understated lower case, similar to Mickey’s personality, with the word ‘mickey’ in bold letters, as if announcing his arrival on the scene, 2) above this is a green (‘renewable’, ‘evergreen’, ‘eternal’) logo, depicting no doubt the spin of washing and drying, but it could also be described as an energetic vortex, 3) the company ‘mickey’s linen’ is exactly the same age as my uncle Mickey, each born within a year of the other, and  4) Mickey’s grand-daughter, my cousin who now lives in New York, is pregnant. The significance of this image would have escaped my conscious awareness had I not snapped the photo for later inspection.

Visually in this photo are very clear references to both my only-days-ago deceased 2nd father uncle Mickey, and his grand-daughter whom I’d see later that afternoon for the first time since her pregnancy. She is not having twins, so the 2 storks painted on the wall of this building, one in the foreground flying in one direction (current baby is a boy), the other flying in the opposite direction (a girl perhaps?) may symbolize a 2nd child, just a bit further back on the wall, so ‘in the future’, but not far. We won’t know this for awhile and it may not come to pass, but it’s an interesting thought conveyed in this one unassuming photo.

There’s another element that is difficult for me to overlook, having visited my uncle daily for the month before his passing; he was never in his life overweight, we share a similar slim metabolism, but he’d recently been to the hospital with sepsis and had emerged with dysphagia (thank you conventional medicine), an inability to efficiently swallow solid foods and thin liquids. As a result, the rehab facility he’d been staying at had, for the month before his passing, been blending his meals into puddings and thickening his drinks to a gel consistency. He commented many times on how he had previously loved the meals at this residence, but understandably now, hated them.

So surrounding the truck with his name on it in this photo are 3 images of gigantic hot dogs and hamburgers, clearly with ‘everything’ on them, such an implied feast that the name of the fast food stand providing these delicacies is called “Fatso’s”. A fair interpretation of this is the message that my uncle Mickey, only 3 days gone, is fine, happy, healthy (fast food doesn’t kill you where he is), eating heartily, enjoying his foods and aware of our situations in this earthly dimension, not just mine of course, but his family’s and friends’ as well.

Another note is the dealer name on the truck’s license plate says “Al Piemonte Ford”, a Chicago area dealership located in Melrose Park.  Again coincidentally, the towing service my insurance agency contacted to transport my car from Chicago to a repair shop near my home was summoned from, not a local tow source — but Melrose Park, a 90 minute drive away; and even more interesting is the name of the street Mickey and my dad grew up on, is Melrose Avenue.

Since I am the person in our family to have noticed a random truck on a random street on the day of my departed uncle’s funeral, I’m as certain as one can be about these things, that Mickey somehow magically led me from the tollways to this safer circumstance full of visual cues to pique my interest so I would snap this photo and relate my interpretations to his family; conveying to those closest to him at least the possibility that their dear father, friend and grandfather has survived his recent death, healed and whole and intact as the person we’ve always known and loved, is still aware of and concerned about our well-being, and is still looking out for us as some sort of extra-dimensional ‘Mickey 2.0’ version of himself.

Aside from direct dream visits, this I believe is the way most of us receive our multidimensional communications: all but subliminally during ordinary waking and dreaming hours. This rich configuration of broad daylight events would have gone unnoticed by anyone unaware of the possibility that we survive our deaths, or that some coincidences may be messages from friends and loved ones no longer focused in physical reality. 

Anyone who has died (NDERF.Org, IANDS.Org) will tell you there is no such thing as death. I think if we live our lives thinking that’s at least a possibility, we may find some resonance for that in our daily lives.

Part Two

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mickey’s linen postscript

The evening before Mickey passed I’d brought some homeopathics for pain with me in a small velour sack, to address a 101.5º fever and attendant pain that had emerged sometime during his night. I set the tablets I’d brought for fever on a nearby table and I was juggling dosage and drinks as the little sachet of pain remedies slipped unnoticed into the snow drifts of ruffled linens and blankets, tousled even more by Mickey’s restless attempts to ease his pain.


I lowered his temperature homeopathically over a few hours as I searched for the specific remedies I’d brought for pain. Alas though I looked through his bedding, thoroughly I thought, the little green pouch was nowhere to be found, causing me to doubt where I’d seen it last; in my bag by the sofa, on the table, perhaps in the car? The remedies for fever had mitigated much of his suffering but I had still hoped to address his remaining pain. 

Too late. Social services arrived and decided Mickey needed morphine, a drug that in a similar situation 14 years before, had killed my dad. I watched in helpless disappointment as conscious awareness left my uncle’s eyes and yes he calmed, but into more of a vacancy than a restfulness.

I stayed until he fell asleep, feeling responsible for this tragic turn of events yet helpless to stop it. In the days following his passing it has crossed my mind that had Mickey’s pains returned in the middle of that night, I would not have been there to re-dose his remedies and staff would have morphined him at that point, with the same ultimate outcome.

Nevertheless until I amended this essay, connecting the word ‘linen’ on the truck parked across from my stalled car after his funeral, I’d felt a stinging remorse for losing those remedies (later found by staff, buried in his linens) at a critical moment of his final hours, despite understanding that perhaps things had already worked out in his best interests.

I can only imagine that this truck, with the words ‘mickey’s linen’, was as close to a direct response to my final regrets as anyone could reasonably hope for, telling me in what appears to be a tsunami of coincidences that I wasn’t responsible for his suffering or death, that I did help and did bring him comfort, that he appreciated my visits and that he is whole and healed and strong enough to arrange a sequence of events that literally saved my life on the day of his funeral, as well as proved to me at least, that he is conscious as himself and thriving in an after-life, not a death, that realistically speaking, awaits us all.

Part One

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freedom’s final hours

We the citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK along with the rest of the world are losing our democracies, freedom of speech, family health decisions, ability to travel and bodily autonomy. Contact your congresspersons now and frequently; our leaders have already sold us out.


Quoted from the Mercola PDF below: [ … T]h
e WHO is being set up as the sole decision maker over public health globally through the proposed pandemic treaty and International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments, each of which reinforces the WHO’s authority and power through different avenues while erasing national sovereignty and human rights.

[When] the WHO gets its way, it will no longer be a body that makes recommendations that countries can choose to follow. Rather, its “advice” will be akin to declarations of international law. Member states will be required to follow the WHO’s “recommendations” or face costly consequences.

Once the pandemic treaty and the IHR amendments are implemented, the WHO will have the authority to impose everything from climate lockdowns and border closures to mandatory vaccinations of all kinds. We’ve also warned that the WHO would implement a mandatory vaccine passport system for population control purposes, and with the announcement above, we can consider that a done deal.

The WHO will even have the authority to dictate what is truth and what is misinformation that must be censored. The WHO will essentially outlaw democracy worldwide because democracy cannot exist unless there is freedom of speech in public discourse.

Member states will have no choice but to censor what the WHO wants censored, because each country is also required to set up an enforcement agency to ensure the WHO’s edicts are followed nationwide, and that includes censorship activities.

[ … ] It’s now beyond imperative that people understand where we’re headed, and that the COVID measures weren’t just responses to a given pandemic, but rather were the foundation for a totalitarian one world government where human rights and freedoms will no longer exist.

Indeed, the pandemic treaty redefines human rights as “health equity” and nothing else. The IHR amendments also eliminate individual rights and freedoms specifically. IHR Article 3 is being amended as follows (strikethroughs in the text indicate that the text is to be deleted, and the additions or revisions are underlined in bold):

“The implementation of these Regulations shall be with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities of the States Parties, taking into consideration their social and economic development.”
In other words, bodily autonomy and personal choice are being replaced by one-size-fits-all medicine that has no regard for human dignity, human rights or fundamental freedoms. The right to opinions that differ from the WHO’s is also being removed on the national level.”

IHR Article 2 is also being amended in such a way that the WHO will have the authority to take action on ANYTHING that has the “potential to impact public health,” and this includes everything from climate and pollution to agricultural land use and the food industry, as specified under the One Health agenda,11,12 which is baked into the pandemic treaty.

Under the new treaty, the WHO will have unilateral power to make decisions about all of these areas, and its dictates will supersede and overrule any and all local, state and federal laws. In short, if the pandemic treaty is enacted, the WHO will not merely have the authority to dictate how countries prepare for and respond to pandemic threats: It will have the authority to dictate every aspect of our lives.

The WHO, in turn, is beholden to and does what its funders want, and the largest funder is Bill Gates (when you add together all his various donation sources). Gates, of course, is invested in all primary Great Reset necessities, including fake food, drugs, vaccines, surveillance and climate modification technologies.”

Mercola’s essays are already censored so this article was only posted for 48 hours. Here is the PDF: who-and-eu-digital-health-partnership-pdf

Tools and resources here: ExitTheWho.Com

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declawing tortures animals

“A few years ago, I was called to a client’s house to talk to three cats in the same home. Two had already been declawed, and one was scheduled for the following day. I was mortified and haunted by what they told me.


Image from the net, text from ’Voices of the Animalsby Laura Stinchfield, an animal psychic. I’m quoting portions of her 2009 article to detail exactly what declawing our companion animals does to them. It is painful, cruel and barbaric:

“They were in excruciating pain. It hurt to walk. They felt mutilated, traumatized, and upset with their person. The other cat was so frightened about what would happen to her the next day that she wouldn’t come out from under the bed.

“What I learned that day is that declawing a cat means the vet amputates part of the cat’s paw! They cut off the last bone of the cat’s toes! They actually cut off bone and nerves so that they don’t scratch your furniture!

“Do you understand? Do you know cats can feel pain and have emotions? Often vets send these cats home without painkillers. What? How is that legal and not animal abuse?

“These cats are then in so much pain that they walk on their toes. I was sick for days, and, unfortunately, I could not convince the owner to stop declawing the other cat. It was one of those times that I could not “meet a person where they are” or have compassion for her. I felt she was abusive, and I found it hard to forgive her for getting the third cat declawed.

“I wanted to take all three cats away from her. I felt she didn’t deserve them. I am still brought to tears at the memory of that session.

“Dottie: “I was declawed because I ripped my person’s favorite chair. I have never been in so much pain. I survived a coyote attack, and being in its jaws was nothing to the feeling I had when I woke up and noticed that I didn’t have part of my paws.

“I hated my person so much afterwards that I ran away and found a new family.”

“Magic (recently declawed): “I couldn’t swallow for weeks after my surgery. I was in so much pain that it was hard to breathe. I didn’t understand it. I need my claws to climb. I think that, because I don’t have my claws, my body doesn’t work right. I can walk and play, but it feels different. My neck hurts a lot, and so does my back. I never thought people could be so mean. I hated my people so much that I kept biting them.

“They have been talking about giving me away to someone else. But then you came over and told me they didn’t know any better – they didn’t know it was cruel.

“You kept telling me how sorry you were for me. That made me feel better because you understand how terrible it felt. I knew that, if I were your cat, you wouldn’t have declawed me.

“I wish you’d told my people earlier. I am learning to trust and love them now. I don’t bite anymore, and they are going to keep me. I am learning to forgive them.”

“Susan (declawed the day after I told her people how the other cats felt about being declawed and how scared Susan was): “I felt so blessed that you came over and talked us all through it. I hate my person more than anything now. I can’t stand to look at her. I try to throw up on her things as often as I can.

“I have a good life with my other cat siblings, but I hate my person so much that, at times, I wish she would stop breathing.

“Before this happened, I loved her more than anything. I would comfort her when she was upset, and I would try to be perfect. It didn’t mean anything to her. If I had enough courage, I would run away. I feel like half a cat without my claws. I don’t know if I could survive outside. I wish I had a different life. I wish I was brave enough to run away.”

“The animals’ voices in this article are just three of so many that feel this way. Since this article was written, I have spoken to hundreds of other cats that have been declawed. Many had behavioral issues such as aggression, biting, and attacking as well as peeing and pooping outside the litter box and severe paw and back pain.

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the end of germ theory

If the idea that viruses don’t exist is new to you, I understand how unlikely it sounds. We were taught a lot of things growing up that weren’t true … sometimes it feels like everything.


But how would your perception of health and health care change if you learned that Pasteur had in fact cheated in his research and the germ theory has never in fact been proven? Not by Louis Pasteur or anyone since (hint: computer-modeled viruses, referred to as “in-silico”, are not actual viruses).

Viruses and germs are different from poisons, pollutants and toxins, which do exist, and no one’s debating the existence of illness and disease, only their causative agents and transmissibility. There was a competing theory called Terrain in Pasteur’s day however, that challenged his highly lucrative theory of germs with a more reasonable hypothesis:

Watch some of this film and consider for yourself how rational the theory of germs and viral contagion remain to you.

“Gerald Geison, a leading Pasteur scholar (…) examined a collection of notebooks that Pasteur had asked his family never to make public. Geison eventually wrote a book in 1995 titled The Private Science of Louis Pasteur detailing his findings.

“Geison’s research reveals Pasteur to be a man of deceptive and manipulative practices. He used methods that were not backed by scientific evidence. He stole ideas from colleagues and massaged data to fit his own preconceived notions.

“Just as virologists do in their labs today, Pasteur created through experimentation exactly what he wanted to find while disregarding contradictory findings in order to gain fame and financing. Keep in mind that Geison, while critical of Pasteur, is still an unapologetic fan of the man and his work.

“Fortunately, Geison was honest enough to point out the flaws in Pasteur’s research that should have cast doubt on his findings and theories.” — from the Viroliegy website.

Sharable Film Here

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hospital advocates and legal forms

“When my husband was in the hospital for covid he was given a flu shot. No one ever asked for consent. We didn’t even know until we got the bill” — April 2023 Twitter comment documenting willful violation of the Nuremberg Code and the Hippocratic oath to ‘First Do No Harm’.

From the Mercola article: “The dynamics of the hospital have changed completely (since 2020), they are nothing like they were before. (T)his is unlike any hospital situation I’ve ever been in, like I say the dynamics have changed completely.”


“I think the broader stroke that needs to be painted here, and I really want everyone to understand this, is that you really need to avoid the hospital at all costs, and explore every other alternative, especially if it’s a chronic condition. And you just have to dismiss the belief that the hospital is some magic, healing, curing place; it is not: it is the furthest thing from there for almost every condition.”

“But if you are feeling impending doom or in some life-threatening situation absolutely get yourself to the emergency room where they can assess you (or admit you) directly to the hospital.” — Mercola

“No doctor can over-ride a written legal document of informed consent.” — Greta ( If you need to go to the hospital, never go there alone: you need to have someone there protecting you so you are not lied to, manipulated and coerced into doing things you don’t want done.. Once there, no doctor or hospital can tell you you can’t leave. You have the right to leave any hospital ‘AMA”: Against Medical Advice.

You also have the right to consent or not to consent to drugs, procedures and protocols: but you need documents (from their website) served legally to hospitals in your area so your wishes are entered into the hospital’s electronic records. Download these forms from — Mercola article in censored library:

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climate change is an excuse

“Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by the WEF and Bill Gates and all of these mega-billionaires the same way that COVID was exploited – to use it as an excuse to clamp down top-down totalitarian controls on society.” — Robert F Kennedy Jr.

the climate agenda

(Transcribed from Twitter): “Let’s talk about climate change. So we are told, carbon emissions are responsible for climate change. So CO2 is the culprit here. Let’s destroy this narrative with their own numbers.


In the example of Canada, we are paying a carbon tax because Justin Trudeau deems it necessary for the people to pay for their own emissions, their contributions to this ‘climate change’. We are  emitting a lot of CO2, so we are causing these climate problems. I don’t see any problems, but ok, let’s go with that.

There are 318 billion trees in Canada. One mature tree clears, or absorbs, 48 pounds of CO2 per year. This means 7.6 billion tons of CO2 are absorbed by [our] trees every year.

Now; it is estimated that 545 million tons of CO2 is produced in Canada every year, which means the trees in Canada — and I’m not talking about the other vegetation other than trees, we’re not talking about that; we’re not including that — which means trees-only, in Canada, absorb 14 times more than the carbon emission of Canada.

And we are made to pay carbon tax … so tell me again … what is it about? Is it about ‘climate change’? It is not. If there’s no CO2 we are doomed, there cannot be life without CO2.

Now let’s talk about the US. There are 228 billion trees in the United States, with the capacity to clean 5.47 billion tons of CO2 every year, and the US produces 5 billion tons of CO2, which means the trees-only, absorb more than carbon emissions in the United States. So what are we talking about?

Now let’s move a little further. There’s an estimate of 3 trillion trees around the world. The world wide CO2 emission is at 37 billion tons, but the trees around the world absorb 72 billion, almost 73 billion tons of CO2, which means the trees around the world have the capacity to absorb twice as much carbon emission.

Wake up: there’s no CO2 problem. There’s no carbon emission problem. There’s no ‘climate change’. Wake up people.”

Again, we’re being lied to and manipulated by a hypocritical megalomaniacal corporate oligarchy into a global totalitarian police state. How much are the chemtrails, sun dimming and DARPA EMF experiments contributing to weather events and illnesses? Why are farmers being wiped out around the world? What are all the fertilizer dumps, food processing plant fires and toxic train derailments about?

Nothing we’re seeing is for our ‘safety’, ‘convenience’ or ‘survival’. They’re stealing our lives again, right out from under us, and our children’s lives, Do not listen. Do not believe. Do not comply.

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keeping america free

This post is quoted from an ICAN newsletter: “It is shameful to pressure and coerce a minor to receive a vaccine. A recently filed lawsuit alleges that a pediatrician who works at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C., forcibly vaccinated two minors without parental consent. According to the lawsuit:

“Two minor children were held in a room by Defendant until she overcame their will and forcibly vaccinated them while physically preventing them from consulting with their mother, who was right outside the room. As if that weren’t bad enough, the lawsuit
further alleges:


“Minor children W.M. and K.M. were additionally provided with false and fraudulent information in order to obtain purported consent to a procedure in the absence of actual or freely given consent. Specifically, Dr. Rethy told the children that they were required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend school and that they had no lawful option to
decline such vaccination.

“What makes this story even more incredible is that this is the same pediatric practice that sought to vaccinate a minor child in the lawsuit we brought to strike down the “Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2020” passed by Washington D.C. in 2020. We succeeded in winning an injunction which resulted in the repeal of that law.

“Before being repealed, the law permitted doctors in D.C. to vaccinate a child, 11 years of age or older, without their parent’s consent or knowledge, and created an elaborate and deceitful scheme in which the healthcare provider, insurance company, school, and health department all participated to hide from those parents the fact that their child had been vaccinated. According to the law, a child did not even need to be a resident of the District of Columbia in order to be vaccinated without parental consent!

“In this previous case, the minor was subject to intense pressure and coercion to get vaccinated by a doctor and her staff at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in D.C. When she eventually refused the vaccines, the doctor and staff took physical positions in the room that made her feel trapped! Thankfully, she was eventually able to escape without getting vaccinated.

“These lawsuits expose a deeply concerning trend that must be stopped dead in its tracks. And these lawsuits should hopefully have that exact effect. To any doctor out there who injects a minor without parental consent, you should know this: if that child’s parent contacts our firm, expect to receive an unwanted injection of justice in return. For now, I am pleased to celebrate the repeal of the D.C. law that permitted vaccination of minors without parental consent and thank ICAN for making that lawsuit possible!”

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osteoporosis is c-deficiency

Osteoporosis Is Scurvy of the Bone, Not Calcium Deficiency
©2021 Suzanne Humphries

“Pictured here is a calcified breast artery, often seen in women who are being treated for hypertension. The primary drug used in high blood pressure, a thiazide diuretic, causes the body to retain calcium and lose magnesium and potassium. We incidentally note these types of calcifications in the large arteries of the entire body, not just the breasts. I believe these problems are avoidable.

“Vitamin C does several things to strengthen bones:
• It mineralizes the bone and stimulates bone forming cells to grow. • Prevents too much degradation of bone by inhibiting bone absorbing cells. • Dampens oxidative stress, which is what aging is. • Is vital in collagen synthesis.


“When vitamin C is low, just the opposite happens. Bone cells that degrade bone called octeoclasts proliferate, and bone cells that lay down mineral and new bone called osteoblasts are not formed.

“Studies have shown that elderly patients who fractured bones had significantly lower levels of vitamin C in their blood than those who haven’t fractured. Bone mineral density- the thing that the tests measure, is higher in those who supplement with vitamin C, independent of estrogen level.

“Vitamin K2 is well known among holistic practitioners to be important in cardiovascular and bone health. Supplementing this is also a good idea if bone or heart issues are a concern. Read more here.

“And of course good old vitamin D3 with a level around 50-70 mg/ml will help keep the immune system functioning well and the bones strong.

“This may seem like a lot of supplementing, yet to me is a worthwhile endeavor that will keep much more than the bones strong. These days getting enough vitamin C is not so easy with diet alone. With the toxic load we all have, even with the most pristine diets, we are requiring more vitamin C internally than our ancestors did. Adults would do well to take 2-5 grams per day of sodium ascorbate as a general supplement. If you have active kidney stones, or kidney disease please check with your doctor first.

“Humans, monkeys and guinea pigs don’t make any vitamin C. This leaves us on our own to get our needs met. Cats weighing only about 10-15 pounds, synthesize more than 15 times the RDA of vit C recommended for humans. Goats are about the size of a human adults, and under no stress they synthesize 13G per day. Under stress it can rise to 100G. Do not fear taking vitamin C. It is the one of the most non-toxic and safe supplements known. Use liposomal vitamin C, sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid, never Ester-C or calcium ascorbate.” — Full Article

This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Sign up for the newsletter here.

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the vaccine myth

Imagine you were brought into a company as CEO, hoping to save it after it had lost 90% of its market cap. But you couldn’t; it tanked some short time after your arrival. Did you tank that company? Or was it’s crashing momentum just too much for anyone to have stopped?


All of these illnesses would have continued their decline and completely disappeared like Typhoid and Scarlet, without vaccines, which, had they been developed, would also have claimed unwarranted credit for ending those outbreaks.

The havoc vaccines wreak globally is devastating, but it’s insidiously hidden behind a spectrum of diseases constituting our massive state of ill health. America has one of the highest vaccination rates and one of the worst overall health of all industrialized nations. Our obscene autism statistics eerily parallel the increase in mandatory childhood vaccines.

The CDC shreds and obscures conflicting evidence (detailed by a CDC whistleblower in the documentary ‘Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe), refuses to test their vaccines against placebos and claims they have never researched vaxxed versus unvaxxed populations. In collusion with the pharmaceutical industry and global governments, our media slanders independent voices and our social networks censor and deplatform dissenting information.

“Oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did … but we did.” –- Dr. William Thompson, senior CDC scientist and whistleblower.

This situation will metastasize once the WHO treaty passes on May 23, 2023. After that unelected, non-governmental (basically Bill Gates’ privately owned corporation) takes over the world, freedom of speech will be criminalized and mandated vaccines, against every tenet of the Nuremberg code and all democratic constitutions, will be permanent.

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nobody needs antibiotics

I’d seen homeopaths in the 90s who hadn’t helped my issues. I didn’t know enough about it to understand that like brands of anything, one homeopath will be better for you than another. And though I’d taken my mom to see homeopaths 20 years later, I still didn’t realize I could search for homeopathic help and self-help online: I thought it was something you needed a specialist for, in the same way you wouldn’t try drilling your own teeth or re-packing your car’s wheel bearings.


I write to help others find the answers I wish I’d have found when we needed them. Joette has a big site with a lot of good ideas for self care and family care. This post will help you avoid the spiral of illness caused by toxic, ineffective drugs. I’ll quote some of her article and leave a link to the rest:

“Last week, I mentioned that one of the problems I see repeatedly is antibiotic use leading to recurring infections. This week, I focus on a recurring infection that is all too familiar to many women: The UTI-from-Hell that keeps coming back time after time.

Jean started getting recurring urinary tract infections in her twenties, soon after she got married, and she seemed to get another one almost every two months.Over the first 6 months, the antibiotics cleared them up quickly. But, after three or four UTIs, the “mild” antibiotics stopped working and Jean had to resort to stronger drugs such as Cipro and Levaquin.

However, those antibiotics come with serious warnings from the FDA. Within about a year, Jean developed pain in her legs and feet. It took years before she made the connection, even after meeting with her OBGYN, that this was called neuropathy and tendonitis.

If Jean (or her doctor) had read the warning labels on the insert, she (they) might have understood the cause of these conditions, but Jean trusted her doctor and his assumed attention to detail. After all, these were the tools of his trade.

Fatigue, bloating, and yeast infections were merely the first conditions she suffered during that initial year and in fact, when she looked back, she concluded she hadn’t been well since her original UTI. ( … ) Jean’s health and emotional state were a mess. Because of antibiotics.

If only Jean had been aware of natural, effective homeopathic medicines that have been known for centuries for their ability to uproot urinary tract infections without side effects and antibiotic fallout!

As I have said before, reserve the use of antibiotics for truly life-threatening conditions. (That is, if you don’t know what to do homeopathically.) And this isn’t just my opinion. Read this:

“… Serious side effects associated with fluoroquinolone antibacterial drugs generally outweigh the benefits for patients with acute sinusitis, acute bronchitis, and uncomplicated urinary tract infections who have other treatment options. For patients with these conditions, fluoroquinolones should be reserved for those who do not have alternative treatment options.” Who said that? The FDA!

Full Article

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these aren’t ‘contrails’

This isn’t ‘condensation’, it’s poison and it falls into our eyes, our lungs, our brains, our breast milk, our ovaries, our testicles and our DNA; it builds up in our bodies and creates disease. High levels of aluminum for instance are found in the brains of all alzheimer’s fatalities. We’re being poisoned and murdered on a daily basis by people who don’t comprehend they’re torturing their own families too.

1918 wasn’t a flu

The 1918 pandemic was a global phenomenon, but it was not a flu, it was not transmissible person to person, and it did not originate in Spain. It was vaccine illness, injury and death, same as we’re experiencing today, started and covered up by the US military and spread around the world via World War I. No one who wasn’t vaccinated ‘contracted’ the ‘flu’, despite working closely with the ill and tending to them daily.

Studies Question Transmission of 1918 Spanish Flu
A few quotes from the article:


“The 1918 Spanish flu is said to have been one of the most highly virulent, contagious diseases of all time, but when researchers attempted to spread it from person to person — by directly spraying “infectious” secretions into people’s noses, eyes and throats in repeated experiments — no one got sick.”

“Other research has also failed to show human-to-human transmission of influenza, with one 2013 review conducted by U.S. CDC scientists and colleagues concluding, “Our review found no human experimental studies published in the English-language literature delineating person-to-person transmission of influenza.— GreenMedInfo Research Group 09/08/2020 / Full Article

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bugs are indigestible

Insects are poison to humans. Schwab, Gates, the WEF, the WHO, the UN and world governments at the behest of the global oligarchy are poisoning our oceans, air & water tables with toxic waste and our food systems & supplies with chemtrails, unlabeled GMOs and mRNA-vaxxed animals, insects and produce.

We need to eat and support organic foods (don’t buy anything labeled ‘Apeel’, it’s a Gates-owned chemical sealant that doesn’t wash off of produce), become increasingly aware of the animal foods you do buy (find local farmers if you can; try FarmMatch.Com), and read all processed ingredients looking for the word ‘Chitin’ (among many other processing additives); the nutritional but not human-friendly protein of insects. Chitin has no business in the human blood or brain or body.

“with no respect for the fundamental freedoms of people”

Guided by the sinister Klaus Schwab, the WEF and the UN through the Gates-funded WHO is silently installing an unelected world government; over-riding national sovereignties including our own to require by 2025 global digital identification for travel and public access, mandated medical testing, procedures and injections for everyone against their will and the Nuremberg code, social media monitoring and censorship of dissenting views, and outlawing cash in favor of trackable digital currencies that can be, on a political whim, a ‘national security’ declaration, or through Ai hacking, deleted at any moment from anyone’s account with no legal recourse. Or you could just be hacked out of your life savings.



Despite sounding like dystopian fiction this is happening right now beneath our feet, as civil and parental rights, bodily autonomy, freedom of speech and global democracy incrementally dissolve forever through Emergency Use Authorizations, Executive Orders and state legislations often passed in the dead of night to evade public scrutiny.

One of the IHR (International Health Regulations) amendments, fully backed by the Biden administration and all but 51 members of Congress, has DELETED THE PHRASE: “with respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people” from their 2023 update! Read the impending International Health Regulations and arguments against them, here.

This is World War III, the fight against bioweapon nanotech and permanent digital feudalism, hiding beneath the omitted news, statistics, personal stories, deleted accounts, shadow-banned activists and political spin of the corrupt corporate, social and legacy medias. I regret the need for politics on my website but too many of us are blissfully unaware how deeply we are being gaslit and how destructive these changes will be to our families, lives and civilization.

If any of this sounds unthinkable to you, I’m so sorry to inform you; your news is propaganda.

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no vaccine is safe or effective

No vaccine has ever been double-blind, randomized, placebo-control tested for safety; no vaccine is safe, Congress has found them to be “unavoidably unsafe” and the claim that vaccines are ‘effective’ is sheer advertising lunacy and fraud, as there are no viruses and vaccines are only toxic chemicals blended with animal body parts — a 200 year old hoax to rob and murder us. Do not let these poisons near your body.

cdc is a vaccine company

Source @LotusOak2 — Twitter has since deleted this account.