cayenne for hearts, strokes, frostbite, pain and wounds

A few paragraphs from the book: “Did you know that if you take garlic in the right proportions, you can bring your blood pressure back to normal in three months? Well, if you add cayenne, you could cut that down to three days. The effectiveness of herbs such as ginkgo biloba (anti-depressant), milk thistle (for liver health), hawthorn berry (for heart health) etc, increases many times over when taken with cayenne pepper.”

“Cayenne can unclog your kidneys and your sinuses, allow you to breathe freely and restore broken, bleeding gums to normal. Cayenne, in short, is a kitchen miracle.”


“Cayenne pepper brings fast pain relief to every situation: headaches and migraines, neuralgia [nerve pain], arthritis (including rheumatoid), menstrual cramps, lumbago [back pain], muscle pains, toothaches, and wounds. (C)ayenne pepper works on many underlying physical problems that can cause pain, including generalized pain, as well as pain from injuries and specific conditions.

“Cayenne pepper also leads to faster and more lasting healing following an emergency. For instance, one of the top herbal healers out there has had patients with lacerations so deep they expose bone. Simply by packing the open wound with a few handfuls of [organic] cayenne, the blood will flow to the wounded area, allowing the flesh to seal itself together without so much as a stitch.

“Improved circulation leads to better heart health, better skin health and less pain. Better respiratory heath combined with better circulation, better nutrient absorption and less pain leads to better overall health and creates an internal environment that is not receptive to cancer.

“Tests have shown a reduction in pancreatic, lung, and prostate cancer in connection with the consumption of capsaicin, the key healing element in cayenne pepper. The capsaicin literally destroys cancer cells. The capsaicin in cayenne pepper also works to stop tumor growth and reduces the swelling in tumors. By taking cayenne in massive amounts — ten teaspoons per day — patients can completely dissolve cancer tumors.

“Cayenne pepper also repairs the cells lining the lungs, for a healthier lung environment that is uninviting to cancer [as well as colds and flus] and promotes freer breathing.” — Sharon Daniels

Video clip of Australian naturopath Barbara O’Neill:

The experiences below came from reviews of a cayenne product in dropper bottles. If I was having these kinds of symptoms however, I’d change my diet immediately and make sure I was taking enough K2 to balance my D3, and magnesium to balance my calcium, because calcium, especially if it’s not algae-based, can build up and harden the blood vessels to our hearts and brains. Osteoporosis is a vitamin-C deficiency, not a calcium deficiency; have your micronutrient levels checked and don’t supplement with calcium if you’re not deficient.

“A relative stopped a mini-stroke in two minutes: Suddenly he could’t pronounce words correctly, the words seemed to come backwards out of his mouth. Instead of chair he would say rrch, etc. We think it was a mini-stroke. He spent like one minute desperately trying to speak properly until he remembered the hot pepper by Christopher he had in the kitchen cabinet. He put a few drops in a Ittle water and swallowed.

“After barely one minute his speech was 100% normal. He asked us how long everything had lasted. We told him the problem barely lasted one minute, two at most. He said he felt it had lasted much longer. That was several years ago. The problem never came back. He doesn’t take cayenne but he always has a bottle in the kitchen. After that event, several family members of all ages keep a bottle at hand at all times.”

“This is a must have in case of emergency. My wife had a heart attack, and cayenne pepper saved her life. I’ve been using it ever since.”

“I got an intense pain that felt almost crushing, the world started to go dim and I got up in a panic and told my husband this was it. I was terrified because it felt like the pain was going to kill me and what a terrible way to go! I remembered the cayenne extract and quickly grabbed something to put warm water in and put a dropper in it (thankfully I had read the directions when I got it) and took it. The burning in my throat at first, I thought I was going to choke and trigger an asthma attack, but thankfully it went away. The feeling in my chest took about 30 seconds to go away, then it went back to almost normal in about a minute. I swear this product saved my life.”

“My husband, who is only 45, has had four ischemic strokes. Our doctor told him to keep these hot pepper drops on hand, and to take them when he feels like he did before the past strokes. Apparently, hot peppers open the arteries. He’s been using these for a couple years now and hasn’t had another stroke.”

More videos and cayenne information here. As always when purchasing beverages, foods & supplements; seek out food-based organics, and if you consult a physician, they should be holistic because conventional doctors have no training in nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, energy medicines, exercise, lymphatic massage, fasting, meditation or other forms of natural healing.  

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