“conspiracy theory” is a conspiracy

The phrase ‘conspiracy theory/theorist’ is a CIA fabrication most famously used to discredit those who doubted the absurdity of the ‘Lone Gunman’ Warren Report — itself a theory. Following quotes are excerpted:

So who is the real conspiracy theorist? Kennedy or Olmstead? And if conspiracy theorist means a real intellectual who probes beneath the surface to try to expose government corruption and uncover the truth, then I too strive to be a conspiracy theorist — proudly so.”


Whether One Agrees or Disagrees With Aspects of His Outlook, the Media is Clearly Slanted Against [RFKjr]: In January 1967, the CIA sent a memo (marked “SECRET,” “RESTRICTED,” and “DESTROY WHEN NO LONGER NEEDED”) to its army of media “assets” secretly embedded in virtually every area of U.S. communications.

“This army of covert operatives (exposed as “Operation Mockingbird” in a historic 1977 Rolling Stone article by Carl Bernstein) extended all the way up to world famous columnists, bureau chiefs, managing editors, newspaper publishers and CEOs of major radio and television broadcasting networks.

“What did the CIA’s secret memo instruct its media assets to do? Entitled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report,” the memo provided guidance for countering “conspiracy theorists” who challenged the Warren Report’s false conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of John F. Kennedy.

“It recommended the strategy of smearing critics of the Warren Report by describing them as being financially motivated; or having “anti-American, far-left or communist sympathies,” or being hasty, inaccurate or ego-driven in their research.

“Sound familiar? Although five decades old, the tactics recommended by the memo seem chillingly current, a virtual operating manual for how the present-day CIA tries to smear and discredit anyone who dares to question official government propaganda.

“Although the specific term “conspiracy theorist” pre-dates the JFK assassination, it was enthusiastically embraced and deployed by the CIA as one of its most powerful psychological weapons, to be wielded against anyone who suspects the government of secret wrongdoing. It is an effective way to silence dissenting voices by marginalizing them and leaving them open to ridicule.

“Characterized by Richard Nixon in the Watergate tapes as the “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated,” the Warren Commission advanced the magic bullet theory postulating that a single bullet caused eight wounds in JFK and his car-mate, Texas Governor John Connally, which is impossible by the laws of physics.[11]

“David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., leading expert on the medical evidence in the case of JFK, plotted the official trajectory of the bullet that officials claim passed through JFK’s neck and entered Connally’s back and discovered that it is anatomically impossible because cervical vertebra intervene. Former Tulsa police detective Craig Roberts points out that the supposed “magic bullet” would have had to have made “two 90 degree turns, and had to pause 1.8 seconds in flight at the same time.”

“Olmstead in her Slate piece acknowledges that the CIA may have indeed had some involvement in JFK and RFK’s deaths, but criticized RFK Jr. for “turn[ing] his belief into a crusade, conducting months of research into the assassination and leading a campaign to have Sirhan [who was fingered as the lone assassin] released from prison,” which others in his family did not support.[12]

“These comments actually paint Kennedy in a flattering light as someone who will invest the time to carry out deep research to try to validate his suspicions. They reveal further that he is a compassionate man who is trying to right a wrong by freeing the man he has come to believe was wrongfully convicted of his father’s murder—which others in his family are not willing to do.”

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