mickey’s linen

My brilliant uncle Mickey, my father’s brother and a lifelong best friend to me, passed away on Monday. On the way back to his daughter’s house from the funeral, my car unexpectedly stalled on a Chicago side street; died at a stoplight, no acceleration, would not restart. By sheer luck (something more?) it hadn’t died earlier on the tollway, causing me to slow rapidly without brake lights in speeding traffic, triggering a multi-car accident.


My brother and his wife were a few minutes ahead of me so they circled back and waited 2 hours with me for a tow truck. Eventually we sent the car back to a shop by my house and continued late to my cousin’s house together, after which they kindly drove me home.

At one point they left to use a nearby restroom and asked about my safety on this industrial stretch. I said I’d be fine, it was a nice sunny day, whomever had kept my car from dying on the highway, dropping me instead on this quiet side street, would also watch over me here. I was thinking it was Mickey because this was kind of his day, but we each probably have a number of astral friends looking out for us at various times.

From the driver’s seat of my car (the gray space on the right of the photo is my opened hood), shortly after they’d gone I noticed a truck pull up and idle, diagonally ahead and across the street from me. There are a few interesting things about this innocuous photo: 

1) When you zoom in, you see the name on the truck is ‘mickey’s linen’, branded in an understated lower case, similar to Mickey’s personality, with the word ‘mickey’ in bold letters, as if announcing his arrival on the scene, 2) above this is a green (‘renewable’, ‘evergreen’, ‘eternal’) logo, depicting no doubt the spin of washing and drying, but it could also be described as an energetic vortex, 3) the company ‘mickey’s linen’ is exactly the same age as my uncle Mickey, each born within a year of the other, and  4) Mickey’s grand-daughter, my cousin who now lives in New York, is pregnant. The significance of this image would have escaped my conscious awareness had I not snapped the photo for later inspection.

Visually in this photo are very clear references to both my only-days-ago deceased 2nd father uncle Mickey, and his grand-daughter whom I’d see later that afternoon for the first time since her pregnancy. She is not having twins, so the 2 storks painted on the wall of this building, one in the foreground flying in one direction (current baby is a boy), the other flying in the opposite direction (a girl perhaps?) may symbolize a 2nd child, just a bit further back on the wall, so ‘in the future’, but not far. We won’t know this for awhile and it may not come to pass, but it’s an interesting thought conveyed in this one unassuming photo.

There’s another element that is difficult for me to overlook, having visited my uncle daily for the month before his passing; he was never in his life overweight, we share a similar slim metabolism, but he’d recently been to the hospital with sepsis and had emerged with dysphagia (thank you conventional medicine), an inability to efficiently swallow solid foods and thin liquids. As a result, the rehab facility he’d been staying at had, for the month before his passing, been blending his meals into puddings and thickening his drinks to a gel consistency. He commented many times on how he had previously loved the meals at this residence, but understandably now, hated them.

So surrounding the truck with his name on it in this photo are 3 images of gigantic hot dogs and hamburgers, clearly with ‘everything’ on them, such an implied feast that the name of the fast food stand providing these delicacies is called “Fatso’s”. A fair interpretation of this is the message that my uncle Mickey, only 3 days gone, is fine, happy, healthy (fast food doesn’t kill you where he is), eating heartily, enjoying his foods and aware of our situations in this earthly dimension, not just mine of course, but his family’s and friends’ as well.

Another note is the dealer name on the truck’s license plate says “Al Piemonte Ford”, a Chicago area dealership located in Melrose Park.  Again coincidentally, the towing service my insurance agency contacted to transport my car from Chicago to a repair shop near my home was summoned from, not a local tow source — but Melrose Park, a 90 minute drive away; and even more interesting is the name of the street Mickey and my dad grew up on, is Melrose Avenue.

Since I am the person in our family to have noticed a random truck on a random street on the day of my departed uncle’s funeral, I’m as certain as one can be about these things, that Mickey somehow magically led me from the tollways to this safer circumstance full of visual cues to pique my interest so I would snap this photo and relate my interpretations to his family; conveying to those closest to him at least the possibility that their dear father, friend and grandfather has survived his recent death, healed and whole and intact as the person we’ve always known and loved, is still aware of and concerned about our well-being, and is still looking out for us as some sort of extra-dimensional ‘Mickey 2.0’ version of himself.

Aside from direct dream visits, this I believe is the way most of us receive our multidimensional communications: all but subliminally during ordinary waking and dreaming hours. This rich configuration of broad daylight events would have gone unnoticed by anyone unaware of the possibility that we survive our deaths, or that some coincidences may be messages from friends and loved ones no longer focused in physical reality. 

Anyone who has died (NDERF.Org, IANDS.Org) will tell you there is no such thing as death. I think if we live our lives thinking that’s at least a possibility, we may find some resonance for that in our daily lives.

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