Natural Products Dissolve the Spike

“Nattokinase does dissolve the spike protein, in multiple pre-clinical studies. (… ) I’ve tried every prescription drug, believe me, it’s what I do for a living, but it’s the natural products that seem to be working.” — Dr Peter McCullough:


No pharmaceuticals dissolve fibrinolytic masses (clots, cysts & tumors) in our bodies. They just artificially thin the blood so ‘we’ (IF we do) can dissolve these masses. Nattokinase, Seripeptase, Lumbrokinase and Urokinase (drinking your own urine; I know, sounds repulsive) and a number of other natural supplements like Turmeric, Ginger, & Cayenne DO DISSOLVE CLOTS, and substances like Nicotine, NAC, Glutathione and EDTA help detox vaccination poisoning.

[Note from a few days in the future: I’ve just seen the Vitamins video and do agree that synthetic supplements are not good. Natto is a soy derivative so only buy organic (well, anything), but I don’t yet know if there are whole-food sources for Glutathione or an EDTA equivalent. Seek these out.]

Allopathy is a business model, not a health care system. Pharmaceuticals are synthetic toxins developed to earn profits for their patent owners and shareholders and all have multiple side effects, some quite serious, often including death. None were developed to heal us and very few, when any at all (anesthetics are useful despite their toxicity), convey healing; we heal despite their presence in our bodies, not because of it.

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