alzheimer’s is naturally curable and preventable

“Vitamin B12 deficiency is clinically identical to Alzheimer’s disease. ( …. ) Methylcobalamin is probably the best [most assimilable form], Cyanobobalamin which is more common is not quite as good.”

“Everyone that has any sign of Alzheimer’s, any sign at all, or anyone that’s over 60 should have their B12 checked, and then we know if they need more B12.”


“The researchers said of the mice, that got all this Niacin [or Niacinamide], that ‘cognitively, they were cured’. That is a direct quote from the study; that word is “cured”. And they added that you could see no sign that they ever had the disease.”

Andrew W. Saul, PhD has over 40 years of experience in natural health education. His world famous, free-access educational website, DoctorYourself.Com, is peer reviewed and the largest non-commercial natural health resource on the internet.

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