Dissolving the Spike

Dr Bryan Ardis: “100% of all long-hauler ‘Covid’, symptoms, 21 of them in total, were completely eradicated with one treatment, and this was for people who were suffering with their symptoms for over a year and a half. ( … ) What did the scientists ask them to do? One simple treatment.”

The research participants wore a 7mg Nicotine patch for each of 6 days, and then stopped. “After 21 days, zero symptoms remained for any of the people suffering for a year and a half with their symptoms, [… and] zero symptoms returned for any of the participants after 6 months.


After initial symptoms recede, Ardis recommends cutting 14mg nicotine patches into sixths; you only need a 2mg patch per day protection; he places one under his right rib one day and under his left rib the next. No more than 7mgs for treatment of symptoms, apparently 6 days will suffice, and use the patches, the gum has too much junk in it.

Dr Peter McCullough: “Nattokinase does dissolve the spike protein, in multiple pre-clinical studies. ( … ) I’ve tried every prescription drug, believe me, it’s what I do for a living, but it’s the natural products that seem to be working.”

All conventionally-grown corn, soy, wheat and oats are GMO (sadly, even organic wheat is GMO!) so only buy organic Nattokinase, otherwise you’re putting GMOs into your body and you don’t need that kind of trouble), To this he suggests adding Bromelain, Turmeric, NAC, and Quercetin.

No supplemental regimen is complete without C, D3-K2, Magnesium, a food-based organic Multi and if you’re battling a cold or flu (there are no viruses or variants, so don’t be afraid of those) Cayenne, Vitamin A and Zinc naturally fight infection-like symptoms.

You don’t need supplemental Calcium (Osteoporosis is a C deficiency, not a Calcium deficiency), but if you do supplement use an algae-based form, not a citrate or a carbonate, those are both made out of rocks and they build up in your blood vessels.

Both of these clips are from Healing Genesis Episode-1, a 12-part docuseries airing through the end of October 2023.

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