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(Transcribed from Twitter): “Let’s talk about climate change. So we are told, carbon emissions are responsible for climate change. So CO2 is the culprit here. Let’s destroy this narrative with their own numbers.


In the example of Canada, we are paying a carbon tax because Justin Trudeau deems it necessary for the people to pay for their own emissions, their contributions to this ‘climate change’. We are  emitting a lot of CO2, so we are causing these climate problems. I don’t see any problems, but ok, let’s go with that.

There are 318 billion trees in Canada. One mature tree clears, or absorbs, 48 pounds of CO2 per year. This means 7.6 billion tons of CO2 are absorbed by [our] trees every year.

Now; it is estimated that 545 million tons of CO2 is produced in Canada every year, which means the trees in Canada — and I’m not talking about the other vegetation other than trees, we’re not talking about that; we’re not including that — which means trees-only, in Canada, absorb 14 times more than the carbon emission of Canada.

And we are made to pay carbon tax … so tell me again … what is it about? Is it about ‘climate change’? It is not. If there’s no CO2 we are doomed, there cannot be life without CO2.

Now let’s talk about the US. There are 228 billion trees in the United States, with the capacity to clean 5.47 billion tons of CO2 every year, and the US produces 5 billion tons of CO2, which means the trees-only, absorb more than carbon emissions in the United States. So what are we talking about?

Now let’s move a little further. There’s an estimate of 3 trillion trees around the world. The world wide CO2 emission is at 37 billion tons, but the trees around the world absorb 72 billion, almost 73 billion tons of CO2, which means the trees around the world have the capacity to absorb twice as much carbon emission.

Wake up: there’s no CO2 problem. There’s no carbon emission problem. There’s no ‘climate change’. Wake up people.”

Again, we’re being lied to and manipulated by a hypocritical megalomaniacal corporate oligarchy into a global totalitarian police state. How much are the chemtrails, sun dimming and DARPA EMF experiments contributing to weather events and illnesses? Why are farmers being wiped out around the world? What are all the fertilizer dumps, food processing plant fires and toxic train derailments about?

Nothing we’re seeing is for our ‘safety’, ‘convenience’ or ‘survival’. They’re stealing our lives again, right out from under us, and our children’s lives, Do not listen. Do not believe. Do not comply.

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