too many miracles

I believe we’ve got a 50/50 chance of winning any lottery, because even the world’s fastest computers running exascale at over a quintillion operations per second can only tell us the ‘what’ of the win: they can only tell us we’ve all got the same bazillion-to-one chance of winning every game we play.


They can’t tell us the ‘who’ of the win; nor can our geniuses, prodigies, Ai or psychics. Yet someone with the same bazillion-to-none chances as the rest of us, always does win. That statistical wobble is our 50% chance: you win or you don’t win. You, personally. You.

My suspicion is this calculus applies to other situations as well … schools, jobs, sports, mates, families: chances for success of any kind. No one can prove us wrong for believing in miracles. There are simply too many miracles.

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