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Our links are dirty. Service and product vendors, social media sites and newsletter sources track us by placing code after the question mark on the page locations we’re clicking, copying and sending to friends.


In the example above, the lengthy code after the question mark is a tracking path. This references your member account or ISP and can be followed back to you wherever the link is sent, no matter how many people copy and send it beyond your initial correspondence.

Links from newsletters are a little more complicated because they often point to a redirect page that then sends the user to the destination, but once there, you can usually reload the page to which it has taken you and that will then be a direct, and clean, link to share.

Another exception is YouTube which uses question marks as part of their video-IDs, so they’re tracking us some other way or perhaps they’re not, though that sounds doubtful.

At the moment as far as we know, this data is being used for advertising purposes as vendors swap & sell our information between partners and affiliates around the world. But soon, unless we stop them, our every click and text will be linked to our social credit scores and finances, and the global government, the one that replaces our present constitutional sovereignties, will be able to turn our lives on and off with the fascist flip of an Ai switch.

“Never happen”? The UN through the WHO is in the process of that power grab right now. In September 2023 the WHO is set to ratify plans to overthrow national sovereignties including America’s. Its 194 nation states are in complete agreement and no one is stopping them. This coup is variously referred to as the WHO Pandemic Treaty, the International Health Regulations, and the Amendments to the IHR. The Biden administration is fully on board — they have no problem with deleting the phrase: “ … with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedom of persons …” from the original 2005 regulations.

Further: “The 75th World Health Assembly adopted amendments to 5 articles of the IHR that dramatically reduced the time that the 194 member nations will be allowed to reject future amendments. No signature from leaders nor approval by any Parliament or Senate was needed to enact those amendments into international law that is legally binding upon all nations. This happened in 2022 and it can clearly happen again.”

You don’t hear about this and you don’t think it could ever happen because the same people running this dystopian globalist coup, own the newspapers, magazines and tv stations we listen to. It’s not a theory, it is a conspiracy, and it stops sounding impossible when you realize “Who Owns The World“.

Copy the links you want to follow or share, paste them into a URL, message field or social media post, and delete everything after the “?” before sending — now it’s a clean link; I usually check the shortened link to make sure I haven’t accidentally deleted some crucial segment.

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