Vax Injury Antidote

Italian researchers have found 36 separate snake and snail venoms in the urine, blood and feces of all those injured by the shots or afflicted with long-lasting symptoms of ‘Covid’. Those who antidote these venoms experience swift and miraculous recoveries.


Below are some of the most effective antidotes, including Nicotine, available in patches, gums (the gums are full of junk, use the patches; Dr Ardis wears a 2mg patch daily for prevention of ingested venoms), and nightshade veggies like eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes & cauliflower (green tomatoes have 10x the nicotine as red). Full interview at the link below this transcript.

Dr Ardis: “… (the bottle of venom) says: Derived from rattlesnake venom, and it’s only for research purposes (but they’re injecting it inside of all you); and it says researchers, you cannot mix snake venom phosphodiesterase with any of these four substances because it destroys the snake venom phosphotase from being able to do its toxic payload stuff. So these four things are basically antidotes.

These are the antidotes: and it says you can’t mix it with glutathione, which your liver makes. You can’t mix it with any N-Acetyl Cysteine. You can’t mix it with Vitamin C, and it’s completely destroyed by something called EDTA.

So they tell you the antidotes and then they did something really awful actually. They actually disclosed the very last statement in there is snake venum phosphotase has an absolute requirement for magnesium to be activated. What does that mean? That means the venom can’t do its damage without magnesium being bound to it.

And what are you implying here? That if you’ve had these shots and you have any symptoms of injury and they’re prolonging, you need to stop supplementing magnesium for three months. And I mean all magnesium.

And we are seeing miraculous results in people who are struggling with cardiac issues from myocarditis, tachycardia, arrhythmias, that if they’re on magnesium, if you just simply take ’em off of it, all the symptoms go away — along with (taking) their nicotine. And along with the EDTA, these vitamin C recommendations or N-Acetyl Cysteine, this is important.

In the shots, they state that they use snake venom phosphodiesterase, but the people who manufacture that and sell it to the researchers say you can’t mix it with N-Acetyl Cysteine. It’ll destroy the venom’s toxicity.

Do you know that in May of 2020, the FDA put out a statement that they were going to make it illegal for supplement companies to sell N-Acetyl Cysteine that has been sold by supplement companies for over 75 years? Here in America, This is May of 2020. The shots didn’t come out until December of 2020, but like five, six months before, the FDA’s coming out saying supplement companies: you can’t sell it anymore.

And all these supplement companies around America had a hissy fit and (they) all filed papers against the FDA to get them to stand down. And they did, but it made us all wonder why would they actually go after N-Acetyl Cysteine? Do you know that N-Acetyl Cysteine is a published natural substance that breaks down and blocks the blood clotting effects of all snake venoms? Wow.

And what did we see with Covid blood clotting? What’d you see with long haul or covid blood clotting? What’d you see after the vaccines? Blood clotting. This is just how nefarious it all went. Right? In May of 2020, the FDA says nobody can sell N-Acetyl Cysteine, it’s now by prescription only. Still hasn’t happened, but that was the threat.

Same month they come out and lie to you saying smokers are the most affected by by covid and end up hospitalized and dying, so everybody stop smoking. This is how disgusting this lie went. Okay, we gotta go May, 2020 is when all this stuff is occurring. NAC is getting banned. They’re gonna lie to you about smoking.”

Full video of ‘The Antidote’ here.

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