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How would your perception of mandates, masking, lockdowns, school closures, corporate censorship, bankruptcies, political over-reach, public shaming, police brutality, hospitals turning away the unvaccinated, the transfer of 3 trillion dollars from the middle classes to the billionaires, and the ongoing vaccine injuries and deaths change if you knew that no virus in the history of medicine has ever been identified, isolated, purified or proven to exist?

Not by Jenner, Pasteur, Koch, Salk, Gallo, Hazan, the CDC, NIH, the WHO or any other virologist or research lab on the planet. Computer models don’t count; they’re imaginary.


What may sound at first preposterous, with just a little research will start to appear obvious and eventually, infuriating. We’ve been lied to our entire lives at our own expense and now this global hoax — wielded by Schwab and Gates with their acolytes and sycophants — is ending civilization. There are no viruses, there is no contagion; we’re all being railroaded. Stop the WHO or no one on earth will ever know freedom again.

On some tablets and desktops the full screen link has wrapped around to the bottom left of the projector, appearing as 2 white brackets approximately 30% to projection window center once you tap the screen.

Once a critical mass is reached, no agency on earth will be able to contain or enslave us, as the WHO, the WEF, the EU and the UN are in the process of doing right now with digital IDs, vaccine passports and Central Bank Digital Currencies. All of these protocols are surveillance, not convenience: our participation ends civilization.

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