“with no respect for the fundamental freedoms of people”

Guided by the sinister Klaus Schwab, the WEF and the UN through the Gates-funded WHO is silently installing an unelected world government; over-riding national sovereignties including our own to require by 2025 global digital identification for travel and public access, mandated medical testing, procedures and injections for everyone against their will and the Nuremberg code, social media monitoring and censorship of dissenting views, and outlawing cash in favor of trackable digital currencies that can be, on a political whim, a ‘national security’ declaration, or through Ai hacking, deleted at any moment from anyone’s account with no legal recourse. Or you could just be hacked out of your life savings.



Despite sounding like dystopian fiction this is happening right now beneath our feet, as civil and parental rights, bodily autonomy, freedom of speech and global democracy incrementally dissolve forever through Emergency Use Authorizations, Executive Orders and state legislations often passed in the dead of night to evade public scrutiny.

One of the IHR (International Health Regulations) amendments, fully backed by the Biden administration and all but 51 members of Congress, has DELETED THE PHRASE: “with respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people” from their 2023 update! Read the impending International Health Regulations and arguments against them, here.

This is World War III, the fight against bioweapon nanotech and permanent digital feudalism, hiding beneath the omitted news, statistics, personal stories, deleted accounts, shadow-banned activists and political spin of the corrupt corporate, social and legacy medias. I regret the need for politics on my website but too many of us are blissfully unaware how deeply we are being gaslit and how destructive these changes will be to our families, lives and civilization.

If any of this sounds unthinkable to you, I’m so sorry to inform you; your news is propaganda.

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